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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Songs that Celebrate Marriage; What's Your Favorite?

Jim Thunder had a great article on The American Spectator a few weeks ago about marriage and music that celebrates it. The article includes a long list of great songs about marriage. Many of them are old songs I remember from my past. Just reading the list is a walk down memory lane. Here's the first paragraph with a link to the article:

February 7 starts National Marriage Week. I propose that, in conjunction with this annual event, we identify, and create, music that promotes marriage, including forgiveness and reconciliation within the context of marriage. I concur with the statement of Ellen Wilson Fielding who wrote on July 2, 2015, in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, “What we need is repeated contemplation of the wellsprings of true marriage and family — not just as encountered in theology but also artistically, in the novels, movies, and writing of the past.” I would like us to identify music “of the past,” including the recent past, and maintain it as a library (or a collection or database) on the Web and institute an annual prize, with a gala dinner, for new music. (More here...)
I love this, especially the idea of a prize for new music that celebrates marriage. It reminded me of groups that offered prizes for promoting abortion. Norman Lear was lionized for the two-part Maude episode where she has an abortion. Hey, what a bunch of laughs over killing her baby. Well, maybe it's time for those of us who love marriage and family to support those who present them in a positive light. My nomination? Phil Vassar's Just Another Day in Paradise. Hey, it actually mentions prayer. Sadly, Phil Vassar is no icon for successful marriage since he's been married and divorced twice. Sad. But the strong still presents an ideal that is worth appreciating. And I like his music. So I pray for him. God's not done with any of us yet.

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