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Friday, March 9, 2018

The Coffin Club: Wish We Had One Around Here!

I think this has real promise.
It makes the funeral a little more affordable and may enable some folks who would prefer to be buried rather than cremated have that choice. It also is not a bad thing to reflect on death. Maybe this video begins with a laugh and fun, but how can anyone participate in building his own coffin and not think about the day he will lie in it?

I wish there were a coffin club in the U.S.

See their home page here and notice the photo of the folks with all the baby coffins that they donate to a maternity hospital. What a beautiful way to celebrate the lives of little ones who are here such a short time. The families who receive those coffins must feel blessed to know others are thinking of their needs at such a sad time.

The last time we were in Texas we visited a cemetery with a lovely baby garden. We have little miscarried grandbabies there and found the time we spent in the garden consoling. Those little ones we never met are real people alive today and waiting for us.

May God give us all the wisdom to realize that death is just stepping over the threshold into our real home (presuming we are in the state of grace). Pray that those in danger of stepping over the threshold into the abyss will repent and turn to the Father who is always waiting with open arms to welcome his prodigal children.

St. Joseph, patron of a good death, pray for us.


  1. The John C Campbell Folk School in North Carolina offers a class where people make their own coffins.

  2. I found out about this not long ago and think it is a wonderful choice to consider.