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Monday, March 5, 2018

Thought for the Day: Sola Scriptura Makes No Sense!

And if you interpret it any which way, and reject
the authority of the Church, the same applies!
I'm always catching up on my reading and this morning I'm reading the January 4th issue of The Wanderer. Great publication! Raymond De Souza has an article in his Live Your Faith series providing testimony from early Christians on the sacrament of Confession which proves it was practiced from the first century. He is refuting the contention by some skeptics that the sacrament was an invention from the Middle Ages and demonstrates through the writings of The Fathers of the Church (and others) to illustrate his point. But the paragraph that caught my eye was this:

Let us remember that Jesus did not give us the New Testament: He gave us the Church, and the Church inspired by the Holy Spirit, gave us the New Testament. Some of her first bishops wrote those books, and consequently she is the only authentic interpreter of their contents. 
Read that again. Then reflect on the fact that Protestants who insist on sola scriptura (the belief imposed during the Protestant Revolution that when there is disagreement between scripture and teachings of the Church, scripture alone trumps everything), accept the authority of a document put together by the Church.  And then they use that document, put together by the Church, to reject the authority of Church teaching if they happen to disagree with it. Interesting, eh?

The capacity for man to embrace error and reject the truth is bottomless, sad to say.

Want to explore this issue more? Take a look at A Quick Ten-Step Refutation of Sola Scriptura.

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