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Monday, March 5, 2018

Gucci Models Carry Their Own (Replicated) Severed Heads on Runway

Me and my 
new Gucci bag
Where can I buy one! 
A fashion must have...
There's nothing like Cultural Marxism to bring out ugliness and evil. The fashion world is abuzz at how the grotesque severed heads were made, model's third eye in the middle of her forehead, horns, baby dragons and snakes, and how and where the figures were born in the imagination of weird fashion designer Alessandro Michele for Gucci's latest Fall-Winter 2018 Milan fashion show.

Michele, described as "a true artist filled with sensitivity", says that severed heads in his creepy operating room runway set remind us of Lord of the Rings and Judith in the Bible...because the Bible is the first thing we think of when we see people beheaded, right? And in the next instant the image of Judith beheading Holofernes leaps into our minds. Right? Of course not. 

Severed heads = Islam, but no one would dare say the obvious. That would be Islamophobic. Therefore Michele merely speaks fluff-talk to cover up Europe's current dhimmi situation along with their subliminal mindset which is capitulation to Islam. It's as if, with the severed heads, Gucci is presenting a tribute to Islam - and the message is loud and clear: "Oh conquering Muslim masters, we submit! We give up! We carry our heads to lay at your feet." 

For only $115 we can special-order our own replicated head from Manikarium, a Rome-based special effects production center. Then we can accessorize outfits by carrying a spare head in our arms wherever we go. Soon no doubt Gucci will sell severed head handbags using our own special ordered face with three eyes to carry around credit cards and other important items.

(The detached heads also remind us of Kehinde Wiley, the artist who did Obama's official portrait. Several of Wiley's previous models were black women holding up bloody severed heads of white women. Mr Wiley states: It's sort of a play on the 'kill whitey' thing." 

BTW, this is the portrait with a sperm on Obama's right temple. Snopes says that is a false statement, but say what you looks like a sperm to me. I know because Milo said so.) 

Back to Gucci.....

Hot new fashion - 
extra eyeballs
Uber burqa
Gucci's fashion show reminds me of the joke about Christian Dior: 

1st person - Have you heard about fashion designer Christian Dior?

2nd person - No. What about him?

1st person - He converted to Islam so 

now he's Muslim Dior.

Here's another one, which is a reader's comment from the UK Sun
"Just a parade of complete stupidity from the fashion industry as usual. The fashion industry has lost its head."

Gucci's new motto must be: To release your inner dhimmi, wear Gucci.

Below is the full fashion show video with Gucci's creepy catwalk models dressed in ridiculous clothing. 


  1. I like this post, Mary Ann. It has reminded me that in spite of our being far up in the country where the problems involve snow or cows, the demons do lurk and prowl. Let us not give up in prayer.

  2. I find this video of Gucci's fashion show disturbing on so many levels I don't know where to start. First of all, that this is even taken seriously? This looks like a parade of people with mental illnesses. That the models would agree to wear such things; that the audience (who look like average people) would applaud it all; that they would even stay seated for the whole display; that such images of "fashion" could be dreamed up by someone; where grotesque becomes the new beautiful; this is a picture of a people lost and sinking into the cesspool of Satan.

  3. You absolutely nailed it. It is the perfect metaphor for the culture of death where people literally express their revulsion toward their own self. Nihilism on parade. It also seems to be a glorification of suicide and the extreme expression of "I can do whatever I want with my own body."