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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Snowflakes on the March

The March was all about demonizing the NRA and gun
owners. Not one word of criticism was aimed at the shooter
or the cops who stood by while the killing occurred.
Last year on this date, I wrote about the snowflakes. I revisited that post today because of the snowflakes' big march, also call the March for Our Lives. It got me thinking once again about the snowflake generation that runs from chalk messages on the sidewalk but is happy to join a bullying mob like the students at Providence College who went after Michael Smalanskas for daring to promote marriage between one man and one woman.

The tragedy in Florida's Parkland school deserves a response, but not a rally reminiscent of liberal mob events used by leftists to stir up crowds against (take your pick) aristocrats (the French Revolution), the czar (the Russian Revolution), Catholics (the Protestant Reformation), Jews (Nuremberg rallies), the NRA and gun owners, etc.

Some will argue that the young adults marching were anything but snowflakes. They are strong and confident, we hear, and willing to stand up for what they believe. And wow! Look what the children were able to pull off -- hundreds of thousands of people in rallies all over the country. Pretty impressive, eh?

Well, it all depends on how you look at it. Do you really believe this was organized and led by the kids? Get real! If you believe that you're ripe for the Brooklyn Bridge con job. Yes, the kids were shoved to the front of the line for the photo ops. But the March was organized and paid for by wealthy adult backers like Mario Cuomo and Michael Bloomberg, Hollywood celebrities, and leftist organizations. One of the organizers was Deena Katz, a co-executive director of the Women’s March Los Angeles Foundation.

The school shooting was a crisis that Alinsky-style had to be used as one more destabilization tactic by the liberal left. And they do it well, no doubt of it.

Even the March website admits that a host of liberal advocacy groups were involved. Of course they were! This entire display was hard left theater. And that's exactly who really organized this anti-gun, hate March with the same agenda the left has pushed for years -- gutting the second amendment and taking away guns from law-abiding citizens. The kids are just the window dressing like the distraction a magician uses to work his parlor tricks. P.T. Barnum would get it! Send in the acrobats.

David Hogg giving the Commie salute.
And what happens when snowflakes get together? They turn into hard snowballs and after awhile, like any mob, they can turn into a big ball of ice. One thing you can say about an ice ball -- it can do real damage if you get hit with one. And sadly true, some of these young people seem willing to follow any demagogue no matter how empty and mindless the message. And so a serious situation, instead of being treated with intelligent debate and a search for real answers becomes an opportunity for sloganeering and posturing and 15 minutes of fame. They are willing, like foul-mouthed David Hogg, to demonize every member of the NRA and every gun-owner in the country, not to mention anyone who disagrees with them.

Politicians like Marco Rubio and members of the NRA get described as people who want to murder children. Hogg accused Rubio of taking $1.05 cent for every student's life in Florida and the website offered a downloadable "price tag." Hogg was, of course, referring to campaign contributions from the NRA.

Politicians who take money from professional child-killers at Planned Parenthood don't have to fear demonization by Hogg. As a matter of fact, PP helped promote the March and tweeted, "Everyone has the right to lead a life that is healthy & free from violence." Except babies in the womb, of course who don't even have the right to decent disposal of their bodies.

No doubt they PP was delighted to hear Hogg call pro-second amendment lawmakers "pathetic f***ers. As a matter of fact, every interview I've seen with the lad has been heavily laced with f-bombs and ignorance. It isn't the killer who was to blame for the murders or the armed school guard and police who stood by and listened as the carnage took place, but stood down, it's the NRA, pro-second amendment politicians, and anyone who supports them. They are the ones who "murder children."

I'm curious frankly about where this kid, who gives the communist salute and sounds like a demagogue, stands on the real threat to children, abortion. I suspect he's all in favor of a woman's right to choose to kill her child. Seventeen innocent people were murdered and instigated the March for our lives, 1500 babies were legally murdered that same day and every day and don't even get the dignity of a yawn.

Below is a video shoeing just a bit from the town hall meeting held at which NRA rep, Dana Loesch, was heckled as "a murderer." And I frankly found the sheriff's statement that no one under eighteen should have a gun absurd. My husband grew up in West Virginia. He was squirrel and rabbit hunting at twelve with his dad and older brother. He recently shot what we feared was a rabid skunk in the front yard of our country home. Guns are tools and, like any tool, are safe in the hands of people taught to use them properly.

Oh...and by the way, not all students support the anti-gun message of March for Our Lives. 

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