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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Disgusting Beyond Words: Abortion Mills Grind Up Babies and Flush Them!

Abortion mill disposal plan:
grind 'em up; flush 'em down!
Do you ever think when you turn on your tap to get a drink that maybe that water, recycled through the sewage treatment plant, has ground baby body parts in it? Or when you see the dump trucks turning into the local landfill that mixed with all the trash and garbage are babies' bodies?

That can't be right you say? That can't be legal?

Think again. Deirdre Cooper has an article at LifeNews documenting a Texas law on the disposal of aborted babies:

In Texas, the remains of aborted babies may be disposed of by interment, cremation, incineration followed by interment, steam disinfection followed by interment, grinding fetal remains and flushing them in the sewer system or discarding them in landfills. In 2016, the Department of State Health Services proposed a rule change, and then last legislative session, the Texas Legislature passed a law, SB 8, removing the options of grinding fetal remains and flushing them in the sewer system or discarding them in landfills....

Unfortunately, the U.S. District Court has issued a preliminary injunction against the state of Texas from enforcing the law.
One of the major objections to the law has been a made up claim by abortion supporters that SB 8 will increase the cost of abortions so much that it will make abortion unaffordable to many women. This is completely untrue.

In Texas, the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops worked tirelessly to find private funeral homes and cemeteries who were willing to transport and bury aborted babies for free or at low cost. At trial, the abortion facilities’ own expert witness estimated the increased cost would be less than $5 per abortion.
Why would the abortion industry fight a law about the proper disposal of babies' bodies? Easy! They want people to believe that babies aren't really babies, members of the human family with a right to be treated with dignity and respect, even after abortion. That would undermine their message that the unborn are less than the rest of us and just the property of their mothers. Burial implies that a "person" is there to be buried and that undermines the message that abortion is no more serious than clipping your nails. Not only that, but grinding up the babies and washing them down the sewer eliminates the evidence -- like a drug pusher who flushes his stash down the toilet when the cops arrive.

Disgusting isn't it!


geoff kiernan said...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Very Sad. God Bless and keep up your good work

Bernadette and Mike said...

This is First Saturday - may we turn to our Blessed Mother and ask her to pray for our nation and may we offer the Reparation that she has come to ask us for. God help us!