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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Important Headlines You Shouldn't Miss

Memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church, added to Roman Calendar

Operation Rescue Defends the Red Rose Rescues from "Friendly Fire" anti-rescue Video: 
History shows that in direct response to the [past] rescues, sidewalk counseling ministries and pregnancy help centers exploded in number across the nation. In addition, the Rescue Movement motivated pro-life Christians to seek public office in record numbers and engage in other spheres of influence where their advocacy on behalf of the pre-born would have lasting impact.
Canadian Doctors Being Forced to Kill Their Patients or Face Punishment:

A court in Ontario, Canada, has ruled that a patient’s desire to be euthanized trumps a doctor’s conscientious objection. Doctors there now face the cruel choice between complicity in what they consider a grievous wrong—killing a sick or disabled patient—and the very real prospect of legal or professional sanction.
Cardinal Sarah Denounces the Faith of a "Betraying Clergy:
..."from the moment that Catholics abandon the teaching of Jesus and the Magisterium of the Church, they contribute to the destruction of the natural institution of marriage as well as the family and it is now the entire human family which finds itself fractured by this new betrayal on the part of priests.”
German Bishops Approve Communion for Protestants in Mixed Marriages
The Roman Catholic Bishops of Germany said today, at the conclusion of their spring meeting in Ingolstadt, that they wish to permit common reception of the Eucharist for varied-confession (konfessionsverschiedenen) marriage partners. The decision was approved “after intensive debate, by a very large majority of the bishops.” It was based upon a paper prepared by the ecumenical and doctrinal commissions of the bishops’ conference.
The Faithlessness of Public Education
Why is no one surprised that a deranged young person would attack a high school? Why there? Plenty of other places are full of people—malls, stadiums, public squares, beaches. Why a high school?....[They have become] inhuman and soul-destroying.... They are places of neither faith, nor hope, nor love. Of course you do not seek faith, hope, and love at a shopping mall or those other places I have mentioned. But what if school, by its very nature, ought to be such a place? I do not seek nourishment from a stone, and yet I do not recoil in loathing from that stone; stones are not for eating. But what if the bread I have been given is not bread, but stone?...What if the egg I have been given is not an egg but a scorpion? At least the stone cannot sting or kill. The scorpion can. What if it is not simply the case that the school neglects to foster faith, hope, and love, but gives to young people either paltry imitations thereof, or poisonous impostors?

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