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Friday, March 16, 2018

Should We Arm the Teachers?

The debate over gun control continues. Does anyone really think the Parkland shooting will be the last?

It's time for serious efforts to protect students and staff. Will arming teachers and staff level the playing field or make a chaotic situation more dangerous? It's time to do some research and collect the data instead of letting hysteria and liberal talking points control the conversation. Remember the Luby Cafeteria massacre? The shooter reloaded three times and killed dozens. If one patron had been armed, he could have been stopped. Susan Hupp lost both her parents that day. She regrets that her gun, which she was trained to use, was in the car.

Maybe it's time to recognize that the police can't protect people from the crazies among us. When an incident occurs, the police are not on site. Kids in schools, folks in movie theatres and malls and restaurants can be sitting ducks!

Here's one response to the situation.

FASTER Can Save Lives!

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