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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

NETFLIX Peddles Filth to Babies!

Beware the hormone monster.
If you haven't read Susan's post from earlier today, read that first. Then look how the left has "progressed" to encouraging sexual immorality among children and pedophilia with its new show, Big Mouth. Read about it here and sign the petition. Here's how the Vigilant Community describes the new show:
The trailer promoting the new Netflix animated series Big Mouth is a cringy experience and highlights a disturbing agenda in mass media: The sexualization of children. Welcome to media madness.
The series features voices from top names in comedy such as John Mulaney, Jordan Peele, Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen. Despite this impressive (and costly) talent roster, the show will most likely be awful and horrifying. Don’t believe me? This trailer [I don't recommend watching the trailers. I watched about 20 seconds of one and had to turn it off.] should be enough to convince you. The fact that watching this near 3-minutes long trailer actually feels like 30 minutes is not a good sign.
...with great budget and exposure comes great agenda pushing. A great number of recent Netflix productions are heavily tainted with strong social and political messages – and straight up propaganda...
For some bizarre, disturbing and upsetting reason, the sexualization of children is also part of that agenda. Slowly but surely, new content keeps pushing the envelope, slightly going too far, chipping away at moral decency to make the sexuality of children fair game. 
Why? Because Hollywood and the world elite are full of children lovers and they want to normalize their derangement.
During an interview with the creator of this depraved show CBS decided the trailer was "too vulgar to show." I had to turn off the teaser video on the "hormone monster" which showed him encouraging a young boy to masturbate while imagining his dad's associate, Susan, who the boy told to take off her top. This is filth masquerading as funny.

I like a lot of the shows on Netflix. We just finished the 2016 season of Longmire and I was already looking forward to the next season. But I'm done. I can't continue to support a company that peddles pornography to youngsters. So today I cancelled Netflix and wrote about Netflix's decision to peddle porn to children. Millstone time.

Here's my email. You can send your own to

Dear Mr. Hastings,
I received several emails today about the Netflix “children’s” show Big Mouth alerting me to its pornographic contact. I started watching a trailer about the “hormone monster” and was so appalled I had to turn it off after the first twenty seconds. It is filthy and disgusting and morally evil to teach and encourage children to masturbate. No wonder we have an epidemic of children engaging in all kinds of sexual experimentation with this kind of material being shoved in their faces. How many youngsters become pregnant or contract sexually transmitted diseases because of filth like this? I’m curious whether you have a connection to Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in the country and a purveyor of this same kind of material to young children.
I saw in your bio that you are married. I don’t know if you have any children, but it would be shocking to me to think that a parent would be willing to see children exposed to this moral corruption.
My husband and I have been Netflix customers for years and have enjoyed many, many shows: Lie to Me, Criminal Minds, Midsomer Murders, Broadchurch, and many BBC productions. We just finished the 2016 season of Longmire and were already looking forward to the release of the next season. We spent the first ten minutes on Netflix last night browsing the episodic detective series looking for another to take its place. We settled on Awake and watched the first two episodes. I’m disappointed to think that we will not find out what happens to Longmire’s friend Henry. We will have to leave poor Henry in the desert at the mercy of the villains because I cancelled our membership this morning and have no intention of restarting.
You have buckets of money I saw from your bio on Forbes, but, as St. Thomas More said to his betrayer, Richard Rich (slightly edited), “Why, Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world...but for Netflix?” The Bible tells us that a millstone waits for all who scandalize the little ones. Perhaps you should consider that when you browse the content on your channel.
As a Catholic blogger who also has a presence on social media, I will be urging others to cancel their subscriptions. I hope many follow my example.
Mary Ann Kreitzer
President, Catholic Media Coalition


Sarah Mills said...

I will continue to keep my Netflix account. If we tried to avoid everything we weren’t happy with and boycott everything that supports even one thing we don’t, we would starve to death as friendless hermits. Plus, I am absolutely sure that there is other content on Netflix you wouldn’t be happy with. Just because it’s been finally brought to your attention doesn’t mean it hasn’t been there for a long time. I’m sure the Netflix CEO will be crying all the way to the bank due to your cancellation of a massive $9 a month.
Oh, and this show isn’t geared towards “babies”. Not only am I sure you mean children rather than babies, but it is a satire adult show. Nowhere was it intended for a young audience and that isn’t Netflix’s fault that that went so far over your head.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

As far as I'm concerned adolescents ARE babies. I consider that show filth even for adults. but don't tell me that a cartoon show like this is (wink wink) aimed at adults no matter what its creator may say. It resembles the Planned Parenthood cartoons that are specifically aimed at sexualizing kids.

I cancelled our cable subscription in Alexandria years ago when they added the Playboy channel. You're right, we can't avoid everything, but we can all do something to try to impact the culture for good.

Netflix is certainly not one of life's necessities. I don't think I'll "starve to death as a friendless hermit" by saying good-bye. In fact, I'll have more time for REAL friends when I stop wasting time watching imaginary ones.

geoff kiernan said...

Dear Sarah.....make that $18.00. You silly person. Its not about money, its about feeding crap to children. Would you be OK with letting your child watch that sort of rubbish? Why pay $9.00 a month? Why dont you teach him or her how to masturbate?

Chriss Rainey said...

Sarah Mills,
Your logic would say one might continue to drink a glass of liquid laced with an ounce of poison because the liquid represents the greater part of the whole.
The use of cartoon characters for vulgarity is evil in itself since it is a corruption of what has always been seen as reality portrayed in an innocent light.
Many people I know have stopped going to Disney Parks because of their "gay days." Are you going to say to them, well, it's ONLY on Tuesday so what's the big deal?

susan said...

Good for you Mary Ann. Sarah's argument rings less than doubt she's still shopping at Target, eating at McDonald's. watching the NFL, and on and on. And nothing ever changes except to get worse because the companies know there are lots and lots of Sarahs out there who will never make themselves the least bit uncomfortable to make a moral stance. They know that even if people like Sarah are offended, that given enough time and 'softening up', they'll usually, eventually, even come over to the dark side.

If enough people act, it would MOST ASSUREDLY make a difference to the big companies that peddle the corruption (a minor 10% decrease in NFL stats is bringing them to their knees). I get a real kick out of 'catholics' who keep using the argument, "I don't want to be a hermit and live in a cave"....what dreck. I think our Lord had something to say about that kind of 'comfort thinking'....He spoke it clearly to the church in Laodicea.

Diane said...

Nice try Sarah Mills.....cancelling Netflix will make us friendless hermits?
I don't watch any TV and have boycotted the movies....what does that make me?
I would have thought those so glued to their Netflix accounts they can't see
evil when it's staring them in the face are the friendless hermits!!