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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

"Chucky Bebes Muertos" is my neighbor but needs to "get with the program"

"Chucky Bebes Muertos", most vicious MS-13 
gang member, is my neighbor. 

The following is my response to our deacon's Good Samaritan homily, June 14, 2019, Gospel of Luke 10:25-37.

Dear Deacon,

Yesterday I was face to face with a man looking very much as if he were a member of MS-13. He had tattoos all over his body, especially his neck, head and face. I had seen this man before and once jokingly asked a co-worker if she had asked him if he were a member of MS-13. Of course one would never ask such a thing for fear of being eliminated on the spot. 

Since we're supposed to treat all people with respect I just did my daily duty. When I looked up and saw him standing there I thought...uh oh...then interacted with him as if he were sort At least he was honest in PAYING for something, not stealing they do in Miami, lifting up their shirt to show a gun in their belt when asked to see a receipt.

Was this man standing before me my neighbor? Of course he was. Is an MS-13 gang member blatantly stealing something with a gun in his belt my neighbor? Yes, but since he's acting the part of the robbers in the parable from yesterday's Gospel, he is a neighbor of a different sort. A bad one. An evil one, filled with the cunning of Lucifer. One we all categorize as a "bad guy" therefore belonging to the group of mankind categorized as reprobates. Remember, not all people have good intentions.

Are reprobates our neighbor? Of course. Are we are called to love them? Yes, but do I love them by giving in to their demands by saying it's OK to steal, rape, kill and plunder? Take what is mine, burn my house to the ground, kill my loved ones, then me and laugh with glee while performing these heinous crimes? Was Hitler my neighbor? Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all those who did evil in their names? Certainly. But do I merely give what they demand thereby exhibiting the human weakness of an indiscriminate type of compassion and "love". Of course not.

The result of Chucky's maraudings.
Not all people are Mary, Jesus and Joseph in the Flight into Egypt, innocently traveling as strangers in a strange land. Yet your homily yesterday indicated that we/I, "being tribal", should blindly overlook everything, even possible evil and cast our/my love around indiscriminately on all strangers no matter who they are or what their immediate plan is, for good or for evil. Do I smile and show "love" to a stranger breaking into my home to kill my loved ones? Or do I pick up my gun, point and shoot in order to protect my family? That would be a defensive act, not a morally bad act, an act of love on my part in order to save my family. Which does one "love" in this instance in a neighborly way - my family or their would be killer? I end up being the killer in that instance. But who did I kill? My "neighbor"? Yep. Apparently so, because it was either kill or be killed. 

Smiling and showing luv and compassion would mean the certain death of my family. Therefore loving all people means only one thing - the supernatural love for them by wanting what's best for them. And what is best for them, which is conversion to Christ, is apparently hidden so deeply in the Parable of the Good Samaritan that today's clergy, students of theology earning a degree in it without understanding a thing, interpret its meaning to be that we are to show mercy and compassion on a human level with human love - loving all people indiscriminately even to our own detriment, and that in doing so, we somehow possess supernatural Godly love. We are to be open targets, unprotected even by our own innermost instincts, for people to trample on. We are to be manipulated weaklings, filled with soppy human luv for all people, all strangers, no matter what, giving to them what they demand. Is this what Christ meant? No. Of course not.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan means one thing and one thing only. We are called to supernaturally love all people no matter who they are or what they do. We are not to harbor hatred in our hearts for any person even if they do kill our family. Actually, evil is currently killing our families right now - and few people seem to care - in the form of 
abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism and the latest faze of wickedness - Drag Queen Story Hour at libraries funded by our tax money to the American Library Association. I'm supposed to love a drag queen corrupting innocent children? Yes, but not in a human way. We are to love those evil people in one way and one way only - on a spiritual supernatural level - in that, those people so evil in their thoughts and savage deeds are reprobates in great need of conversion. 

The Battle of Vienna, 1683, wherein Christendom 
fights for its life against its neighbor.
My basic prayer for reprobates is: Dear, God. Please let them get with the program. That would be God's "program" - His great plan for mankind to know and love Him. To wake up and convert from their wickedness, have remorse and sorrow for their heinous crimes against humanity, and live in Christ. We are to want for them what God wants for them which is their conversion to Him.

The meaning of the Parable of the Good Samaritan is literally, Get with the program! That meaning is clear and the parable deeply imbued with conversion to Christ but it is all too often interpreted as you did yesterday - to love all people, all strangers, no matter what, on a human level, which is impossible, and frankly wrong. You want us to "love the stranger" and pay for his upkeep while he sits around fomenting his agenda whatever it is, and it's normally not good. However, love on a higher level, the spiritual, is easy, good, and right, and loving all people, not only the stranger, on that spiritual level is what we are called to do as stated within the Parable of the Good Samaritan, for:

"The man that fell among robbers, represents Adam and his posterity; Jerusalem represents the state of peace and innocence, which man leaves by going down to Jericho, which represents the moon...City of the Moon, i.e., to travel far, to wander...and the state of trouble and sin: the robbers represent the devil [and the devil is not my neighbor!], who stripped him of his supernatural gifts, and wounded him in his natural faculties: the priest and Levite represent the old law: the Samaritan, Christ; and the beast, his humanity. The inn means the Church; wine, the blood of Christ; oil, his mercy; whilst the host signifies St. Peter and his successors, the bishops and priests of the Church."  - Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary; Origen, St Jerome, St Ambrose, St Augustine and others.

When the parable is placed on a human level instead of the supernatural, problems in interpretation begin. The man (Adam and all mankind) gets mixed up with the robbers (the devil and all that is evil) for in the parable the robbers are human; thereby lies the problem, since the robbers do not represent humanity but rather a supernatural being - Satan. Disregarding the robbers as the supernatural evil which caused the problem of the wounded man to begin with, the onus of evil is shifted to the human priest and Levite, thereby lumping them together with the robbers. It is then that the priest and Levite are categorized as evil for not being filled with mercy and compassion, when in fact the priest and Levite represent the 613 cumbersome laws of the Jews, the Old Testament, and the old covenant. Interpretation is then that the priest and Levite represent all of mankind (all of us sitting in the pews) in an evil and reprobate sense, which is not true since the wounded man himself is "all of mankind". So we now have all of evil mankind needing to be filled with mercy and compassion for all of wounded mankind, when in fact, the meaning of the parable does not mean that at all for that would mean that the devil himself is to convert to mercy and compassion for mankind, and we know that not to be true. This confusion is the result of trying to blame good well-meaning people for all the ills of evil, therefore to obliterate our apparent evil, we must be filled with mercy and compassion - indiscriminately - to all people, which means we must have mercy and compassion even for the devil. Do they want to make us feel guilty so that we become more pliable in the hands of wickedness to further evil agendas? Yes, it does appear that way.

This, right here, is God's Eternal Plan
for all mankind.
This confusion is sown on purpose in this day and age in order to promote the pro-immigration multicultural globalist agenda of migration, migration, migration, erasing all borders and nations. Please note that people fleeing Cuba have good reason to come here and should be welcomed. They will (and have for over 70 years) integrate because they want freedom. 

People clambering to cross the southern border are being taken advantage of; they are being paid to come here to further an agenda they are not aware of - the evil agenda of a globalist "community" without borders under a future totalitarian government to rule over mankind. 

Muslims migrating to invading Christendom in Europe is an evil EU globalist sort of Richard von Cudenhoven-Kalergi migration plan where, in the end, the Catholic Church will be persecuted as never before resulting in the slaughter of Christians. What? You think globalism is good?! Islam will rule the day and the globalist Leftist elite will be the first to be killed. The snake will eat its tail.

The meaning of the parable is that the Good Samaritan is Christ, Who, by His mercy and compassion, wants to heal us in His Church which is the great plan for "all of mankind". And we who are supposed to be Christlike, are therefore called to do the same. In the parable we are to be Christ. We are to love as Christ loved and lead people to Him since conversion from evil to Christ is what God wants for every person on the planet - past, present and future. We are not to love evil indiscriminately just because it lives in a human body. It was the evil robbers who did not love. The priest and the Levite, 
lacking compassion in their error, were certainly wrong by passing by mankind, however it's an agenda to interpret their actions as evil in order to manipulate us today into a frenzy of luv luv shame us for not being "neighborly" by not showing human mercy and compassion to all people no matter what. That is like saying we are supposed to be neighborly to Lucifer. 

One cannot lump together the natural and supernatural meaning between the man and the robbers, and the robbers and the priest and Levite (us) and the priest and Levite and the Samaritan (us). Loving our neighbor does not mean loving indiscriminately on a human level. Loving our neighbor means wanting what's best for them, which is their conversion to Christ...not their being a recipient of indiscriminate love to further the agenda of the Left's elitist globalist plan for the world.

Please get with the program.