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Saturday, July 6, 2019

From the GOOD GRIEF! Gay Food File

Deep six those oreos!
Too many bad connotations.
You know the old expression about ramming something down a person's throat? Well it's happening literally these days with some food companies who prefer to put their political agenda ahead of corporate well-being. 

I could never eat any of these things listed below now that they've been associated with the homosexual agenda that includes all kinds of perverted practices. What would you be thinking as you eat that dark brown oreo or swallow that yellow beer? 


As for Fruit Loops? Well, they should add nuts to the recipe so the fruits and nuts can all be in the same place!

Here are some foods to skip next time you go to the grocery store. 
Oreos and other Nabisco products -- Really? Oreos is pushing gender fluid pronouns by giving free cookies to teachers willing to brainwash kids? (I'm taking all Nabisco products off my list!)
All Kellogs products -- (This makes me sad as we once had a really fun tour of the Kellogg's factory in Grand Rapids when our three oldest were little.) 
      Kelloggs insults gays by labeling them "fruit" loops (tongue in cheek)
      Wear your gay stripes with pride?
Rainbow beer?
I just read an article by Daniel Funke (to which I refuse to link) that supports "marriage equality" and tells you who to support "instead of" for your restaurant, gas, and shopping choices. Obviously, you want to do just the opposite of what this misguided man suggests. 
Skip: Red Lobster, Burger King, Olive Garden, BP, Goodwill, and J. Crew 
Shop: Chik-fil-A, Cracker Barrel, Exxon, Salvation Army, and Urban Outfitters
It's getting to the point that you can't live in our society (unless you're a subsistance farmer) and not support the gay agenda. Every time I turn on my Apple computer or use my Apple I-phone I'm advancing the gay agenda. If I had it to do over, I wouldn't buy any Apple products.

We support Planned Parenthood and other intrinsic evils with our taxes. A spiritual director once told me that one of the reasons God punished Israel was for systemic societal sins. Clearly, we can point to at least one specific case in the Old Testament. Moses allowed divorce because of, as Jesus said, "the hardness of your hearts."

Let's repent today for all the sins we engage in unwillingly or unknowingly: our financial support for abortion, contraception, sodomy, adultery, etc. We are all complicit because we live in a society committed to many evils. Let's try to atone in whatever ways we can for our personal sins and those we are forced to participate in through the culture of death in which we live.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

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  1. It makes me wonder what the inventors of these products and founders of these companies would think. In their lifetimes, much of what we, as a society, condone was consider deviant behavior or even mental illness. And then I have to wonder if they would approve of their products being used in this way. All this does in the end is hurt children and families. I look around and see very few children who can smile and I see many young adults who walk around angry. I don't blame them, I would be angry too if someone was consistently passing off lies and other evils as truth and good. Sometimes when I am using something (like riding my bike) I will offer a prayer for the soul of the person who invented the bike. I thank and praise God for their life that this invention has made life on earth a little easier or more enjoyable.