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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Well, well, well. Wellwellwell, welllwellwell, well, well...

This is what it takes to make them listen.
And I'm tired of it. small post and Fr Gerry Cunningham was silenced. A huge THANK YOU to our pastor who sent the deacon in to preach the homily. Thankfully, our pastor will return this week.

But why must the laity have to protect itself from such profane masses? Profane homilies? What did these men go to seminary for? Who's teaching them? What are they learning? Who ordains such men to the holy priesthood? And for what purpose? 

As far as I can see, the purpose for their ordination is to keep Catholics on their toes making sure that Truth is preached, that Mass is holy - in other words, their purpose as clergy is for Catholics to become, not holy or better people, but to turn us into watchdogs, always on edge waiting for the latest fashionable new (or old) heresy to infect our souls. 

We constantly have to be vigilant so as not to turn into some radical Leftist Antifa Communist Socialist community-organizing Trump-hating climate change anti-life feminist heretic. Neither do I want to turn into a far right extremist racist fascist Nazi. 
And this is what it takes to make them listen.
All I ever wanted when I converted to Catholicism was to become a better person. I wanted to learn about God and what He wanted from me. I wanted to know how to live life correctly, to learn TRUTH and not be blown here and there by every worldly wind. Instead I have been inundated by all the error I was trying to escape, every untruth I was trying to leave behind, and in trying to defend my soul from error I have become a person feared, hated and despised. Just like Jesus.

Which brings me to Fr Cunningham and his erroneous theory that each Catholic is actually Jesus which apparently he learned in his leftist seminary wherever that was - or just name one because all seminaries seem to be turning out the same type of radical leftist priests just like the disaster that is the current pope. 

So just to be clear. You may think you are Jesus, but I do not think I am, nor do I think you are either no matter what you think. I'm only just me - trying to become a better person each day up to and including the day I die. Then the God of all Truth will judge which I say that if I manage to reach Purgatory, I will be the last person released.

"You're tiny." "Oh, yeah? Well, you're stupid."
Why does Fr Cunningham think God is one big joke? On Saturday, June 29th I received an email from a parishioner at St Timothy Catholic Church in The Villages where Fr Cunningham celebrated the 8:30 morning Mass on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. This person said: 

His rambling homily talked about St Peter and St Paul, making derogatory humor about each of their names. In the case of St Peter he said that calling someone a "rock" often means that person is stupid and has no intelligence, which often applied to St Peter, as described by his many foolish actions in the Bible. Then he went on to talk about St Paul, originally Saul. Fr Cunningham claimed the name "Saul" implied that he was superior to many other people and always thought himself to be a "big shot" in interactions with them. By changing his name to Paul, which Fr Cunningham claims means "tiny", God was actually chastising him. [The name Paul actually means humble.] So his homily on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul ridiculed two of our most famous saints, generating many laughs throughout the congregation at the 8:30 Mass. 

This same priest thinks that we, the people in the pews, are actually God Himself. At the end of Mass at St Mary's this past Sunday he could not contain his joy that the Recessional song was You are the Centre of My Life by Paul Inwood. Fr Cunningham sang to us as if we were his lovers, smiling at us when singing I will always praise you, nodding his head at us at I will always serve you and then lovingly looking at all of us, head bobbing from left to center to right, at the verse You are my God, my happiness lies in you alone.

Hooray! God is dead and we took his place!
Here's the TRUTH of why we are not God Himself. The basic Catechism 101 description of the Catholic Church is: The Catholic Church is the MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST comprised of the Church Suffering (souls in Purgatory), the Church Militant (souls currently living on earth) and the Church Triumphant (souls in Heaven).

Robert Siscoe gives the perfect explanation HERE so please read for a more complete understanding.

Siscoe says: "A member of the Church Militant is not exalted to equality with God, that is, as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, we are not the actual Body of Christ that we receive in the Eucharist because the Divine presence in the Eucharist is different from the Divine presence in a person in the state of grace and who has been made a partaker (as the body of Christ) of Divine nature. (2 Peter 1:4).

"Even though the sun shines on us, we are not the sun. We are the recipients of its light, not the cause of the light itself. We are not the sun. Just so, we are not the cause of grace, we are the recipients of grace. The Eucharist, being Jesus, is the SOURCE of grace and not a recipient of that which flows from its source. The distinction between the CAUSE of Grace and the RECIPIENT of grace clarifies the matter. Both possess the same Divine life, this is true, but one is merely the recipient of the gift that flows from the Other, while the Other is the Source of the gift, which is Divine Life." Therefore, we are not God.
I have one of these $100 counterfeit bills with the
same Chinese writing on the back. Next time I hear
heresy at a homily I'll drop it into
the collection.
Counterfeit for counterfeit.

Furthermore, even though we all receive Holy Communion does not mean that we are all in communion with each other just because we're all Catholics. We are not in union with each other in the Mystical Body of Christ if one Catholic believes in life and another Catholic believes in the gruesome slaughter of human beings in the womb. Those two beliefs are like Jesus said to the serpent in Eden - I will put enmity between thee and the woman - as far apart as east is from west. There is no union, therefore no oneness. Only in Truth itself, not error and Truth combined together, is there the unity God requires. We must love Truth, not Luciferian error for there is no unity between Christ and Lucifer.

It is the duty of Catholi
c priests to teach Truth, not leftist error. Many priests ask themselves what Truth is, then "find it" in error, in a book or website by leftist cardinals, bishops or priests. Do they not know the difference between God's Truth and error? Apparently not, for they don't bother to search for it because they think leftism is the Truth...and that the USCCB is the epitome of Truth. Ha!

Truth is not found in the left or right. Truth is found in the middle. Just as Christ had to deal with the liberal Sadducees of the religious left (most Catholics priests today as well as diocesan newspapers) and the extreme religious right of the Pharisees, today Truth resides in neither left nor right, that is, modernism or radical traditionalism. The Truth of Christ which is the fullness of Truth, resides in orthodoxy. The center.

No one should even have to write this in a blog post because it's basic elementary Catholic teaching. And don't ever call me God again.


  1. Is this the same standup comedian masquerading as a Priest written about a few days ago??

  2. My sister once asked Fr. John Hardon, how we know when we're doing enough for the Lord. He responded, "How tired are you?" Keep it up, dear friend. Your fingers on the keyboard bless many. Like Jesus, we are called to fight evil with good. Sometimes that good is expressed in gentleness like Jesus at the well with the Samaritan woman, but sometimes it's expressed by overturning the money-changers' tables. Sad to say, many of our clerics today, especially among the hierarchy, are nothing but money changers who worship the almighty dollar instead of Almighty God. May God have mercy on them and bring them to repentance!

  3. Yes, Geoff. His act got the hook at Susan's parish so he took it on the road.

  4. Horrible. I think I'd have to go outside until the homily was over.