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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Topsy and Tuptim Take Time Out to Examine the Amazon Synod Team and its Game Plan

Topsy and Tuptim meet in the bleachers at the local high school to watch Topsy's grandson try out for the football team.

Topsy: (Giving the football time out sign...) I think this is a good place to talk about the team planning the Amazon Synod. If you ask me, the synod was designed to be a game-changer and the players aren't even hiding it any more. Let's pause for some background. I've been thinking about the "coaches" on the synod and their "playbook." With my suspicious mind I'm going to make some observations.

Tuptim: I have some too. Why don't you start.

Topsy: goes:

1) This is a limited regional synod and only a portion of the bishops around the world will be included. If you look at who's behind the working document and the bishops who will actually meet in October, it's primarily the Latin American bishops and the German bishops making decisions "for the Amazon." Why the German bishops? I'm not aware of a rain forest in Germany or any "indigenous people" there, unless you count the gypsies. But the German bishops are heavily involved in the synod and several of their charities are funding it. Of course, many of them...let's face it...are in de facto schism!

2) The working document quotes the pope talking about the Amazon and Congo rain forests being the "two lungs of the planet." So why didn't the synod include the indigenous people of the Congo? Aren't they experiencing a lot of the same problems as the Amazon? Heck! There are plenty of "extractivists" in the Congo to attack.  But you know what, that would mean a lot more of the African bishops would have to be included. And you know what an obstacle those good men are to the agenda. Remember what Cardinal Kasper said about the African bishops at the Family Synod, that, "they should not tell us too much what we have to do." And then he lied about it! [Source: Edward Pentin interview]

Over 30% of Germany is covered in forest. NONE of it is classified as rain forest! 
Tuptim: (With a disgusted look...) Hmph! Those African bishops are just too orthodox! I'm surprised that Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana was included in the synod, but I suppose they couldn't keep him off since he's prefect of the new Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, one of Francis' brainstorms. Besides, he probably gets a pass because he's a proponent of climate change. The Fishwrap was chortling about that. He also supported the Paris accord that demonized fossil fuels. And...he made some troubling statements on overpopulation and quoted Pope Francis calling for "control of birth." Great bio right?

Topsy: Hmm...well...that sure explains why he's allowed to be there. Here's my 3rd observation:
3) The synod is sponsored by REPAM (Red Eclesial Pan-Amazónica) which was established by the pope in 2014 to address the situation in the Amazon. And REPAM is under CARITAS International which is a dubious Vatican charity linked to contraception/population control groups around the world and helps advance them. Lepanto Institute has their number. They even partner with organizations promoting abortion. I wouldn't give a nickle to any official Catholic charity these days. And frankly, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that George Soros is a secret donor to the synod. He helped finance Frances' visit to the U.S in 2015 -- $650,000 worth. Their agendas certainly mesh!
Tuptim: That gives me a troubling thought. I wonder if Soros helped fund the bishops who were lobbying for Bergoglio to be pope. It's really disturbing to think that everything we're seeing was in the works five years ago, almost the minute Bergoglio was elected. And when you consider that the St. Gallen group lobbied for Bergoglio during the 2005 conclave that elected Benedict, it's even creepier. This is the "long march" through the institutions that Gramsci and his commie colleagues called for.

Topsy: One more link back to Bella Dodd when she told Congress she infiltrated the seminaries with communist agents back in the 1930s. The poisonous tree is bearing lots of fruit! And many of the fruits and nuts are wearing pectoral crosses and miters. Crisis Magazine had an article earlier this year about Francis' allies. It's really eerie and makes you realize just how many Judases are in high positions in the Church. Here, I made you a copy. (She hands the article to Tuptim.) Look at the first highlighted part. (Reads):
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor (+2017), 
scandal-ridden bishop of Westminster, was a 
member of the St. Gallen mafia. He gutted the 
Church in England & covered up for sex abuse.
On March 3, 2013, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor—an alumnus of the St. Gallen mafia—met with then-Cardinal Bergoglio over risotto and wine. It was the evening before the pre-conclave general congregations—as Murphy-O’Connor recalls in his memoirs—and the old friends were discussing “the sort of person we felt the cardinals should elect.” 
A day earlier, an anonymous cardinal had been quoted saying, “Four years of Bergoglio would be enough to change things.” Later, Murphy-O’Connor would utter that same phrase, adding: “But pray to God we have him for much longer than that.” 
Murphy-O’Connor was, as his memoirs detail, arrested by the careening post-conciliar “runaway Church”—cracking open the “rather rigid and self-righteous” Church of the past. But Murphy-O’Connor understood that “incremental change is usually best”: the “trick” to keeping peace was to “let the leash out gently, so that you could allow things to develop while staying in control.”
Tuptim: Yikes! And you know who's holding that leash, don't you. These stupid men don't seem to realize that they are working for the same strong man controlling the guards who arrested Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. They're arrogant and stupid enough to think they're in control!

Topsy: Read the next highlighted part:

Tuptim: (Reading):
Murphy-O’Connor and other mafia alumni, including Cardinals Kasper and Danneels, had expertly toured pre-conclave gatherings promoting Bergoglio. And according to Marco Politi, on the evening of March 9, Murphy-O’Connor had met with Cardinals Kasper, Coccopalmerio, Bertello, Nicola, and Tauran to strategize seeking the backing of others....both McCarrick and Coccopalmerio gave early interviews pushing for a “Latin American” pope. 
On March 12, before the conclave’s start that evening, Murphy-O’Connor fell into step beside Bergoglio. 
“Watch out, now it’s your turn,” Murphy-O’Connor said
“I understand,” Bergoglio replied. He was calm, said Murphy-O’Connor, and “was aware that he was probably going to be a candidate going in.”
Topsy: Take special note of the next part.

Tuptim: (Continues reading...):
The next day, Pope Francis emerged at St. Peter’s Loggia flanked by Danneels, the mafia popemaker who had told a king to legalize abortion and a sexual abuse victim to seek forgiveness. A year later, Murphy-O’Connor boasted that a “Pandora’s box” had been opened and that the cardinals “did not know what a steely character [Bergoglio] was, they did not know that he was a Jesuit in very deep ways, they did not know who they were electing.”
Wow! That's for sure. Omigosh. What a deception!

Topsy: That's just the beginning! Listen to the next part. (Topsy reads):
the new pope shared Martini’s “dream” of “permanent” synodalitypermanent revolution, via synods, on “knots” such as marriage and sexuality. Murphy-O’Connor said Pope Francis told him how crucial synods were for enstructuring “collegiality”—mafia code for a decentralized Church authority. Eugenio Scalfari, too, said Francis told him how “long and difficult” Martini’s synodal road would be and how “gently, but firmly and tenaciously” he would need to proceed. 
Tuptim: Wow! It's all about revolution via synod. Francis is truly a Macchiavelli. And revolution is what we've seen at every synod under Francis. (Reflectively...) If I didn't know the Holy Spirit protects the Church I'd be terrified that we're finished. But reading this just makes me more determined to fight for the faith.

Topsy: Me too. The devil started prowling the earth the minute he plummeted to earth. And he seems to have possessed a significant number of the hierarchy.  And where do you think all of this is going? Listen. (She reads again.)
The larger goal, as Kasper’s book on Martin Luther makes clear, is to fully overcome “confessionally constricted Catholicism” in the name of ecumenical unity. Hence, as others explain, the revolution’s attempts to weaken Catholic markers such as the papacy, celibacy, auricular confession, indissoluble marriage, and the Holy Eucharist. The plan is to refashion the Church into a sort of federation of local churches—a postmodern “polyhedron” with diversity on doctrine and more (cf. Evangelii Gaudium 236, 32)
Pope Francis’s “small-step strategy is the right one,” Kasper explained to homosexual activist Frédéric Martel. “If you advance too quickly, as in the ordination of women or the celibacy of the priesthood, there will be a schism… I tried to move the debate [on recognizing homosexual couples] forward at the [2015] synod, but we weren’t listened to. Francis found a middle way by talking about people, about individuals. And then, very gradually, he moved the lines.”....“We will win,” Kasper insisted to Martel, smiling.
Kasper and Danneels, two of the St. Gallen mafia, water carriers for the Francis revolution.
Tuptim: (Thoughtfully...) You know, every document and off-the-cuff statement of this pope advances the stealth revolution. Kasper praises the pope's "Who am I to judge?" comment.  It undermines every doctrine of the Church, especially on sexuality. Who are we to judge...sodomy, fornication, contraception, abortion, or any other intrinsic evil? We have to be "pastoral" and give the sinner not only a big hug, but affirm his evil decisions. The only big sin is to judge and that's what all those evil, rigid, unloving, hate-filled Catholics like us are guilty of.

Topsy: Isn't that the perfect fundamental doctrine for the age of feelings? Don't use your reason. Make all your decisions based on your emotions, passions, and feelings. I can just hear the serpent to Eve. "Eve, Eve, eating this apple will make you feeeeeel so godlike. Just take a little bite. You'll feeeeel so smart and beautiful." The new motto for the Church will be, "It can't be wrong when it feels so right." Maybe they'll play that song at Baptism after they eliminate the Baptismal promises. They can create new ones in fact. "Do you embrace tolerance? And all its pastoral promise?" And then they'll drop rose petals on the baby's head and put on a rainbow garment. Instead of the Paschal candle they'll light the ecumenical candle with the coexist symbols and light the baby's candle from it and urge the parents to raise the child in luv and tolerance.

Tuptim: (Laughing and shaking her head.) That would really please Fr. James Martin. (Sighing...) Seriously, it really is sad. We have development of doctrine by footnote and paragraph, like the ones ones on homosexuality the pope demanded be included in the family synod document even after the vote to include them failed. We really are seeing a papal revolution, but at this point the movement is so bold it doesn't have to be a stealth revolution any more. It's out and proud!

Topsy: Yup, they're very open about it, and Francis is a total tyrant who talks about collegiality and then rams his will down everyone's throat.  He's the epitome of the arrogant Humpty Dumpty who brags that when he uses a word it means exactly what he says it means, no more and no less....and who are you to judge?
Will this be the new
"white" garment for baptism?

Tuptim: At least we can be thankful that a few bishops are speaking out. It's civil war in Germany with Cardinals Mueller and Brandmueller challenging the synod and even calling it heretical and apostate. The synod is setting up to be a real break with the faith of our fathers...which seems to be the point! Let's pray that many other shepherds step up and speak the truth about this heretical meeting.

Topsy: I hope so, but so many of the bishops are cowards.

(They're both quiet for a minute.)

Topsy: We're talking about an atomic bomb going off in the Church. And it's not just a war game. It's for real and deadly serious. St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises has a meditation that describes it perfectly, the two standards. Lucifer is on a high throne blanketed in sulphurous smoke near the city of Babylon vs. Christ standing among His people on the plain around Jerusalem, the holy city, calling for his followers to be faithful and fight.

Tuptim: That's us. But it's truly a sad day when the enemy are your own shepherds.

Topsy: Yeah, it's scary when the man leading the Church looks more like Judas than St. Peter. Why don't we meet at the Shrine for Mass next week to pray for the synod and have lunch in the coffee shop to discuss the next chapters. I love the crypt church. It makes me think of the catacombs.

Tuptim: The way things are going we might end up there!

To be continued....

[N.B. Among those participating in the synod are these: Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, president of the Pan-Amazonian Church Network (REPAM); Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson, prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development; Mexican Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes of Mexico City; British Archbishop Paul Gallagher, Vatican foreign minister; Sister Maria Lopes Dos Santos, a member of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus and delegate of the Confederation of Latin American Religious; and Mauricio Lopez, executive secretary of REPAM.]

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