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Friday, July 19, 2019

Is Poland the Next Target?

Poland's 2017 rosary crusade, encircled the nation in prayer.
Our Lady of the Rosary, protect Poland from the prowling demons seeking to destroy her!

We watched the radical, death-dealing left  (along with many unfaithful, cowardly clergy) destroy Ireland.

As a Catholic of Irish heritage, I was devastated that the people of Ireland CHOSE the murder of children. In the rest of the world the minions of Satan controlling the courts imposed the abomination on the people, but the Irish themselves championed the murder of their own children. What a sad day that was! What the English tyrants couldn't accomplish, the death of the Catholic faith, the Irish themselves did voluntarily. The remnant of true believers suffer now in the aftermath.

And now Poland is the new target of the LGBTQ tyrants. No nation may stand unmolested by their evil. No one may proclaim the truth that God, not man, has dominion over life and death and the body. Man must be the arbiter. "My body my choice!" must suppress, the body of Christ, the Church.

But the people of Poland bear a different stamp than the Irish. They continue to love and serve the Lord and defend the faith. I rejoiced as I read the article below and will pray every day for the Polish people who so faithfully reflect the faith and respond to those attempting to advance the kingdom of Satan in their country. When the Lord returns, will we find Him sitting on His throne in Poland?

Pray for the Polish people. They lead us by example.

Poland Responds to Gay Pride


  1. What a pity the consecration to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart was not done before 1960. The “diabolical disorientation” of the world is, well, worldwide. The great chastisement continues. Good is evil and evil is good. And the Poles think that the Koran kissing Kremlin Komrad is a saint! Poland will go the way of Ireland. Guaranteed.