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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Vatican City State: The Sanctuary City for Criminal Clerics

How many sexual predators rest safely
under the Pope Francis sanctuary umbrella?
You remember when Cardinal Law fled the states as things got hotter over the sex abuse scandal. He ended up as pastor of a Church in Rome where he died in 2017. The Vatican welcomes many scandal-ridden clerics, so much so that William Kilpatrick wrote this recently:
Thanks to Pope Francis, the Vatican now joins the growing list of the world’s sanctuary cities. If you’re a clergyman wanted by civil authorities or Church authorities in your native land, the Vatican will offer you a safe haven and, quite possibly, a cushy job. (See Corruption in the Church)
Some of those under the Francis umbrella of safety are serial sex predators. But not to worry. We know that Francis really, Really, REALLY cares about the victims of sex abuse.

Kilpatrick doesn't just identify the baddies in his article; he offers some hope in the last few paragraphs. We all certainly need that:
There is considerable worry among orthodox Catholics that when the next conclave gathers to elect the next pope, the College of Cardinals will be so tightly packed with Francis appointees that Pope Francis II will be indistinguishable from Francis I. But it may not turn out that way. Like Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea, many (though certainly not all) of the Third World cardinals are as committed to the Gospel of Christ as their European counterparts are committed to the gospel of what’s happening now. Now that they can more clearly see the destruction Francis has wrought, they are unlikely to vote for his twin.
So too, it’s likely that a goodly number of Western cardinals who thought in 2013 that Jorge Bergoglio would lead the Church in refreshing new directions can now see that he has led it to the brink of a precipice. They may be silent now out of fear or simply because they are at a loss to know what to do, but in a secret ballot they will be free to vote their conscience rather than the party line. 
There are bad cardinals, and good cardinals, and in-between cardinals. And one must suppose that even the bad cardinals have consciences. One must further suppose that as layer upon layer of corruption is uncovered in the Francis Church, their consciences will begin to bother them. None of them are getting any younger, and those of them who still believe know that they will have to answer for their vote before God. 
On the surface, the future of the Church looks bleak, but it may be that the excesses of the Francis papacy will generate their own antidote. There is a good chance that next time around, the voting cardinals will be paying more attention to the promptings of the Holy Spirit than to the spirit of the times.
Pray for Pope Francis and the magisterium. Christ gave us a Church to help us know the truth and reach heaven one day. When bishops decide to be potholes and roadblocks on the path to God instead of signs and guides, they risk eternal damnation. We need to pray and sacrifice for them. Archbishop Vigano has his own tainted past. That he is now speaking the truth shows that consciences can be touched. Pray that all the bishops will grow in love for the true, the good, and the beautiful and use that love to lead others into the arms of Christ stretched wide upon the cross.


  1. If the papacy of Francis was annulled, the Francis cardinals would also get the boot. That might be a just rewind, given the st gallen mafia origins of francis.

  2. What a happy thought. Thank you for a morning smile!

  3. Kilpatrick's comment, "those of them who still believe" suggests many do not.

    Therein lies the problem. If you don't "believe" all the Church USED TO profess and teach, then the only thing you could possibly care about is whether the Catholic Church will continue to have a seat at the table of world power players. God and eternity have little to do with your decisions, whereas, how the money will be generated and managed is priority #1.

    ONLY those who do BELIEVE matter anymore. The rest of them have sealed their fate. Our faith and our hope must be in God alone and not the prospect of outnumbering our enemies.

  4. Jesus indicated there would only be a remnant when he asked, “When the Son of Man returns will he find faith on the earth.” Each of us needs to be sure he finds us clinging to the true faith and not the modernist faux faith so common today. May God give us the grace of perseverance with the help of our guardian angels and the host of saints and angels in heaven.

  5. Chriss , I knew Fr Malachi Martin personally and when we would talk and I would mention a certain priest or Bishop I knew he would always ask me if they were Believers if he did not know them.
    By that I realized he must have known that many did not Believe because he was one of the go to Scriptural scholars in the Vatican.
    He also knew the sad history of the separation of the Church during the end of the first millennium, including the lies , greed and political games that were played for the sake of power and NOT the Truth.
    IMHO the REAL SCHISM we face is between Believers and pretend Believers in the bosom of the church.

  6. Rohrbachs ,

    Do NOT count on the Bishops we would be left with either once the Cardinals are gone.

  7. “Be you therefore perfect as also your Heavenly Father is perfect” What man was ever born holy and father? Holy, Holy, Holy is the Father Almighty who always was, who is now and ever shall be world without end Amen. And remember that absolutely no soul can enter his heaven without first being regenerated immaculate by the only one remedy that was eternally in his mind - the Precious Blood of his Immaculate Lamb, Jesus Christ Crucified, conceived without sin by the Holy Ghost, Incarnate of the only Mother Ever Virgin, the only human ever conceived without original sin. Yours, variously, OLOLBeliever, Lourdesman, ProLife Catholic,
    Her Divine Son sent her to Lourdes in 1858 to confirm by the “miracle water” of Lourdes the absolute necessity of physical contact with Our Divine Lord who became flesh and blood like us to save us from the hell to which he descended to rescue the Catholic Faithful of the old law, including his foster father Saint Joseph.
    Without his one Immaculate Baptism of water there is no salvation.
    Without the One Lord, One Faith and One Baptism of the Immaculate Mother of God we cannot avoid everlasting hell. The Catholic majority in 1858 were much like they are now Body People. Most now are just like the heathens all around us. The soul what’s that?