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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Make the Bishops Choose: Would they Rather Fight with the Harpies or the Mother Bears?

If the shepherds won't defend the flock,
the laity must! Mamma bears rising!
How can you tell a good priest/bishop from a bad one? It's not really too complicated. Do they followJesus, His teachings and the teachings of the Church Jesus founded? Or are their beliefs more in line with the prince of this world, the father of lies?

Do they like to express their creativity by embracing every "progressive" and popular perversity inflicted on souls by the world, the flesh, and the devil? There are certainly many among the ranks of the clergy who do, sad to say.

Well, today I'm going to give you a heads up on how to recognize bad clerics.

First principle: Just because a man is wearing a roman collar or a pectoral cross doesn't mean he's telling you the truth or that he serves the Lord Jesus Christ! You need to know the faith and determine whether a "shepherd" keeps it and urges the flock to keep it!
Second principle: There are moral teachings that define the integrity of a person who calls himself a man of God. If he promotes intrinsic moral evils like abortion, contraception, or euthanasia, while proclaiming to follow Christ, he's a liar. (That same principle applies to all Catholics.) You can't trust anything he says. even when his forked tongue proclaims something that's true, because he will use the truth to advance the lie. 
Third principle: There are teachings of the Church defined as infallible. Among those are the fact that women cannot be ordained as priestesses and that contraception, same sex activity, and abortion are ALWAYS immoral. If a group is promoting the lie of women's ordination or sexual immorality, it is a group working for the father of lies.
A roman collar, pectoral cross, or even papal white don't identify a man of God.
Do they proclaim Christ's truth or do they serve the father of lies?
Fourth principle: Moral relativism is a tool of the devil. Whenever you hear someone proclaiming situational ethics, you are being lied to. Yes, there are gray areas; but they never involve an intrinsic moral issue. Anyone who acts like Pontius Pilate when you speak about the truth or proclaims that it all just depends, is a liar!
And now let's take a look at some of the liars who wear roman collars (although often they don't bother as if they are ashamed of signs of the priesthood) and pectoral crosses.

Dissident priest group backed by prominent bishops demands Catholic priestesses

The Association of US Catholic Priests is a group of dissenting priests committed to remaking the Catholic Church according to the dictates of the evil one. AUSCP is affiliated with a number of heretical groups that promote sexual immorality and other heretical positions. Here are some bad bishops the Lepanto Institute identifies who are connected to this dissident group:
This year, Cardinal Blase Cupich is giving the AUSCP's keynote address and Abp. Robert Carlson of St. Louis, MO is celebrating the AUSCP's Mass on Wednesday. Currently, Abp. John Wester serves as the AUSCP's episcopal moderator to the USCCB, Bp. John Stowe is an active member, and Abp. Wilton Gregory, Bp. Gregory Hartmeyer and Bp. Robert McElroy have all participated in AUSCP events. Given what we are about to reveal, these prelates must immediately condemn the AUSCP in order to avoid being actively involved in what is clearly a declaration of heresy.
2019 AUSCP assembly. There's no fool like an old fool -- or a whole roomful!
Are you experiencing deja vu? As a teenager of the 60s I remember the dissent led by priests and theologians, including prominent heretic Charlie Curran, who unrelentingly attacked Humanae Vitae, the encyclical that defended marriage and sexual morality. Hundreds of priests led the assault and many others gave assent by their silence. Even today, Humanae Vitae continues to be obscured by the silence of cowardly clergy. Have you EVER heard a sermon challenging married couples to embrace its truth? How many pewsitters will go to hell with the complicity of their "shepherds" who failed to preach the truth because they didn't want to upset anyone (or compromise the collection basket)?

Every bishop has an obligation to instruct his priests to avoid the AUSCP and other groups like it. If they don't, they are part of the problem. Pray for bishops and priests, but don't let them off the hook. If the hierarchy won't exercise diligence in protecting the flock, the laity must. Faithful laity need to make ourselves as much a thorn in the sides of the bishops as the dissenters have for decades. Then they'll have to choose -- in the case of women it will be between the harpies or the mother bears! Who would they rather fight with? Let's make our voices as firm (although loving) as the raging feminists have.


  1. Ahhh , yes , sad but true can tell them by what worldly demonic agendas they promote.
    "This is a video that exposes what is happening in public schools. It contains under cover videos of Cardea Services and the ACLU training school districts how to cut parents out of their children's lives.
    This film will outrage you if you believe that parents should have the right to opt their children out of controversial classes taught in publicly funded schools.
    As you may be aware, the radical LGBTQ activist and Planned Parenthood have launched an aggressive targeting of children in our public schools. Specifically, they have persuaded the California Board of Education to adopt a sex education program that is shockingly graphic and intended to promote the sexualizing of our children. This education program includes instructions on anal sex, promotes “Sex-Play” with bodily fluids (including blood & semen) and many other horrifying practices that are outrageously graphic…and believe it or not, this curriculum will begin in Kindergarten and continue through the 12th grade."
    Thank the Bishops and the demons they work with and for........

  2. The Jesuits need to be disbanded too along with the Legion of Christ.

  3. Dexter Duggan, a reporter for The Wanderer, sent me an email with the link to an article he did on the AUSCP last year with a description of McElroy's talk:

    Here's one of the stories I did at last year's AUSCP, in Albuquerque, Mary Ann,

  4. As these men are apostles and the men vested with the teaching authority of the Church, if they insist in giving apostolic weight to these heretical organizations it would clearly appear that they are outside of the Church. If outside, their particular diocese has been abandoned by the only one who can lead, teach, and admonish..

    These dioceses are now left wide open to the ravenous wolves who prowl about seeking the ruin of souls. These so-called bishops are brethren of the wolves and his disciple priests are sworn to obey their bishop (the bishop is the corporate head of the diocese). A reasonable person would be able to say that the disciple priests are nothing more than an extension of the alpha wolf.

    Where does that leave the faithful? If they are awake they will immediately determine that the corporate structure of the diocese is now outside of the protection given it by the Church due to the malfeasance of the corporate head, the bishop. How many dioceses in these USA are no longer in the True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church?

    Find a true and faithful priest who will always serve our Lord first and foremost by remaining true to the perennial teaching of the Church.