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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Topsy and Tuptim Slog Through Part 2 of the Amazon Document with its Community Organizing Focus

Topsy and Tuptim meet at the Christmas in July 5K and Fun Run to support their children and grandchildren who are participating. They stage their chairs near the finish line then get iced coffee and muffins at the snack bar.

Tuptim: (Sitting down and sipping her coffee) Whew, this is a hot day for a run. It's not even 80 but the humidity must be really high!

Topsy: I hope they have lots of water stops for the runners. It's supposed to be up close to 90 by noon. I'm sweating standing still.

Tuptim: (Smiling...) That just puts us in the mood to discuss the next part of the synod doc. Don't you feel like we're in the rainforest?

Reading the Instrumentum Laboris is like
slogging through the rainforest mud.
Topsy: Yup..slogging through the rainforest mud as a matter of fact. I can't believe we're only halfway through this darn thing. Good grief! Can you hear the sucking sound? (Makes a slurping sound as she lifts her hand as if she's walking through mud.) Reminds me of the bear hunt book I read to the grandkids. "Look...mud...ooey, gooey mud. Can't go over, can't go under it...guess we'll have to go through it! Yuck!"

Tuptim: Yup! And that sucking sound you hear is the faith being sucked right out of the church. It will be replaced with liberation theology, Latin America's version of socialism. I'll bet Bernie Sanders loves what Francis is doing.

Topsy: (With raised eyebrows...) Absolutely! You know he was invited in 2016 to speak at a conference put on by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and he describes himself as a "big big fan of the pope." He even had a five minute private meeting in the hallway at Casa Santa Marta before the pope left for Greece. No photos though. I would have liked to see the two of them together.

Tuptim: Hmm...two socialists sharing a memorable moment...Well. you know what they say, "Birds of a feather flock together."

Topsy: What did you think of the rest of part 2?

Tuptim: Well... Christ is invisible. But the spirits are front and center. Chapter 5 on the family was...mmm...Oh just listen to paragraph 75:
A cosmic dimension of experience (cosmovivencia) palpitates within the families. It draws on age-old traditional knowledge and practices in different fields such as agriculture, medicine, hunting and fishing, in harmony with God, nature and the community. 
What the heck does that mean? And how is it a "cosmic dimension?" Sounds like Teilhardian  poppycock. (Continues...):
It is also in the family that cultural values ​​are transmitted, such as love of the land, reciprocity, solidarity, living in the present, the sense of family, simplicity, community work, self-organization, ancestral medicine and education. In addition, oral culture (stories, beliefs and songs) with its colours, clothing, food, languages ​​and rituals are part of this heritage that is transmitted in the family. In short, the family is where one learns to live in harmony: between peoples, between generations, with nature, in dialogue with the spirits.[39]
Topsy: "dialogue with the spirits?" I wonder if that's the "spirit of Vatican II" visiting the Amazon. It goes on from there to attack colonialism in the past and neo-colonialism in the present. The capitalist West is evil and upsetting the Garden of Eden in the Amazon....I'm surprised the writers didn't branch off into a rant against Columbus and the other explorers who destroyed the culture of  the indigenous peoples by putting an end to practices like cannibalism and infanticide. Shame on Cortez and the other Spanish conquistadores.

Tuptim: Well, there certainly were abuses, but we never hear about the blessings of exploration and development and the sacrifices of those who cared deeply for the salvation of indigenous peoples -- like the North American martyrs and the saints who worked among the Indians and bush people on all continents. Talking about the saints and martyrs and how they spread the faith could have made this a more Catholic document that was really useful. And what about Mary? Her apparition at Guadalupe led to the conversion of millions in just a few years.

Is the Pan-Amazon synod channelling Alinsky?
What did you think of the "suggestions" for chapter 5?

Topsy: (Giving the thumbs down sign...) Did you notice the first one calls for "community organizing?"...(Reads...):
Respect the proper mode of community organization. Given that many public policies affect family and collective identity, it is necessary to initiate and assist processes that start from the family / clan / community to promote the common good, helping to overcome structures that alienate: “We must organize ourselves from our home.”[41]
Like they really care about the "proper mode." They've been funding evil stuff through community organizing since Msgr. Jack Egan buddied up with Alinsky and they strategized how to get their hands on the wallets of the Catholic faithful.

Tuptim: There's a great documentary on all that called A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing that aired on EWTN awhile back.

Topsy: Right. I remember. My friend Stephanie Block who's an expert on Alinsky organizing was in the film along with Fr. Mitch Pacwa.

Tuptim: They also had some clips of Fulton Sheen in the film.

Topsy: a pro-life activist, I'm all in favor of "organizing for the common good," but Alinsky used tactics that were immoral and he seemed more interested in amassing power for the organizers than he cared about the poor. With all we've seen from the folks behind this synod...(shaking her head...) It reeks of Alinsky and his manipulative tactics.  I don't believe the synod has much to do with the Amazon at all. It's more likely aimed at changing the Church to be more in line with the world and to bring about a socialist state. Many of the German bishops lost the faith long ago. They believe in man's ability to create Utopia and embrace Alinsky's vision. And some will use any means to accomplish their goals including synods as instruments of revolution.

How many Christian groups are
useful idiots for global Marxism?
Tuptim: Absolutely! It's the same thing we see in the U.S. with all the "faith-based" community organizing groups like Gamaliel and PICO and local groups like Albuquerque Interfaith and VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement).  Many promote abortion, euthanasia, and other intrinsic evils and pick the pockets of Catholics to do it. And even if they're only working on local issues, say installing a traffic light, they support the larger agenda with cash. Any group affiliated with Alinsky's umbrella group, the Industrial Areas Foundation, is assessed and sends them money. And that just enables the global profiteers who hate the Church of Christ.

Topsy: It's like a spider's web. And lots of Catholic so-called charities are undermining the mission of the Church. Catholic Campaign for Human Development, CARITAS, Catholic Relief Services... they're all in bed with anti-life groups, so the money a Catholic gives for the poor goes to promote contraception and abortion and agitate for socialism.

Tuptim: Yes, and many of the employees of these charities support pro-abortion, pro-sodomy candidates for Congress. A friend who used to work at the USCCB in D.C. told me there were lots of bumper stickers for Obama in the parking lot during the Obama presidential campaigns. Think of that. Catholics who work for the Church supporting the most pro-abortion candidate in history! (Laughing...) I bet they would have disqualified him if he was a global warming denier.

Topsy: Did you catch the "suggestion"in chapter 5 about women? (Reads...):
Promote the role of women, recognizing their fundamental functions in the formation and continuity of cultures, in spirituality, in communities and families. Women must assume a leadership role within the Church.
(Shaking her head...) Where did that even come from? Do you think the indigenous tribes are demanding that their women take "a leadership role in the Church?" Heck, the missionaries to the Amazon don't baptize anyone so there aren't any Catholic women in the tribes. And the German  bishop behind the doc says he's never baptized an Indian and never will. So what women are they talking about? Certainly not the indigenous women of the Amazon.

Tuptim: (Rolling her eyes...) Every now and then the synod's REAL agenda pops out. Obviously they're talking about the raging feminist nuns of the Leadership Conference of Catholic Women and the Nuns on the Bus! The Amazon Synod doesn't just have married priests on the agenda. The female diaconate will be discussed. And their end game is the ordination of women. Some of them speak openly about it. And they're so relentless! Pope John Paul II closed the door on women's ordination, but they just ignore him and roll on. Remember, the German bishops want married priests and women priests and they are a moving force behind the synod. Anybody who thinks this isn't an orchestrated plan is blind. They're playing us all like the strings on a guitar at a folk Mass playing Kumbaya, All Are Welcome, and I Believe in the Sun. (Makes a gagging gesture...)

Topsy: It's kind of ironic that the next chapter is on "corruption." Whenever these liberal bishops start talking about corruption, I want to scream. They wrote the book on corruption by their example. When I saw the suggestion to "promote a culture of honesty" I laughed. with all the transparency about the sex abuse scandal and the cover ups. And then Archbishop Lori hiding his own name from the report to the Vatican about all the money Bransfield handed out to advance his career. Corruption is their middle name!

Tuptim: First name, I think. (Putting her head in her hands...) Excuse me while I try to get my anger under control. (Takes a few deep breaths...) Good thing I learned Lamaze when I was having babies. (Takes a last cleansing breath and lets it out...) What do these men know about honesty? When you look at the massive corruption we've seen in recent years....well...Don't you want to just tell these guys to shut up, go home, and get their own houses in order. I'm sick of these synods. I'd like to find out how much they're costing and who's paying for them.

Topsy: Really...and all these "suggestions" at the end of every chapter. Many raise red flags the size of Texas. Like this one from chapter 6:
Accompany, promote and train lay people for meaningful public presence in politics, economics, academic life and all forms of leadership.
Did Jesus send the apostles out to develop training programs for the laity to become politicians, economists and teachers? Was that the good news he asked them to spread?
Is this really the job of the Church? Jesus told his disciples to go out and baptize the whole world. He never came close to suggesting that it was the Church's job to establish training programs for politicians, economists, and teachers. That belongs to Catholic laity. There are plenty of lay groups that can do this. (Punctuating her words with pauses...) It's NOT (pause) the job (pause) of the Church! This is Saul Alinsky again. It sounds like these bishops are replacing Jesus and His Church with Alinsky and his community organizing groups.  They seem to believe in a secular savior of the world.

Tuptim: Or at least of the Amazon. God help us! We need more of the good bishops to join Mueller and Brandmuller in condemning the synod. That would at least help minimize the damage. Pick up the rock and the creepy crawlies scatter! The last three chapters of Part 2 sound like they came out of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency. (Hears loud cheering...pointing...) Look, here come the 5K leaders. They look beat.

Topsy: (Jumping up and shouting encouragement....) Go, David! That's my son leading the pack and his oldest is right behind him. (They run over to the finish line...) We can talk about the synod later. Family first!

To be continued....


  1. Thank you, Mary Ann for this down to earth discussion of something that is so under-worldly most people refuse to even approach on the surface.

    In a previous episode you mentioned a new Pentacost. It gave me cold chills. Old errors never die, they just go away for a while and return when another generation can be tempted to embrace them.

    I encourage all mature readers to look for books about the occult and the Third Reich.

    Alfred Rosenberg wrote The Myth of the Twentieth Century. Today I fear it has simply been retitled Amazon Synod, because the philosophy sounds errily the same.

    Rosenberg's book was banned by the Church in the 1930's.

  2. is anexcellent used book source for very inexpensive copies.

  3. Don’t get sidetracked. I could be dead before I finish this comment and standing over my dead body naked in fear and trembling before the Just Judge. Which evil among the many evils going on in this world should I say is the greatest of all?

  4. "Ancestral medicine"? MY mother would be happy to know that the synod will focus on that. When I'd visit when the children were mere infants and they would not sleep she would "fix" a bottle for them with a drop or two of moonshine (no, really...this was the mountains in NC). It worked. So happy to know this "ancestral tradition" will be approved and I'll be able to pass it on to future generations. Gotta crank that still up! Thanx PF!

    Also - Neo-colonialism in the present is being done by Islam, especially in Europe. While the synod frowns on "colonialism of the past and neo-colonialism of the present", PF approves colonization by Islam into Christendom, heartily encouraging more and more Muslim immigration into Europe. Therefore it's clear that he thinks the only bad type of colonialism is that which was done by the Church in the past. What must he think of Our Lady of Guadalupe?

    The synod is a disaster for the Church which will destroy her. She will disappear like the Church in China did after PF made his deal with the Communists. We'll have to go so far underground that we won't be able to find a Mass for miles. I'm just sitting around everyday wondering at what point Jesus will intervene and hoping Vigano is safe wherever he is...because it's more clear now than ever (after reading the Amazon synod docs) that he is in grave danger.

    I quipped that the Church will be the Lost Church of Z....which makes me think that, like James Lynch (currently living in Miami), the hierarchy will not take baths anymore so that when one walks into a church building, the stench will be horrendous in more ways than one. Just think - people will be shamed for being CLEAN!

    "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was three days ago and in that time I have bathed three times - once a day. The horror of it all! All that water wasted for just myself! I'm SO so sorry! Please forgive me! OMG! What have I done! I promise to be more indigenous and never bathe again unless I happen to be near a stream!"

    Now where's that 2013 article (by Rose Eveleth) from the Smithsonian on how to make a shrunken head? So much to learn....Oh, why bother. Maybe Ebay has some for sale. Why have a tiny relic of the True Cross when I can have an entire shrunken head to pray to my ancestors?