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Sunday, July 28, 2019

It's "High Noon." Will You Stand to Protect Our Beloved Church against the Synod from Hell?

The prophet Zachariah was
stoned for condemning the
 king and the people's
rebellion against God.
Sometimes it's helpful to have a list of resources together in one place. So I've listed a number of articles on the upcoming synod from hell. I've linked to many of the articles below in the Topsy and Tuptim posts about the Pan-Amazon synod, but some are new.

As we face this latest tsunami barelling down on the Church during the October hurricane season, we need soldiers of Christ committed to the truth to stand up to the liars and Church wreckers. Many wear roman collars, but their hearts wear pagan new age amulets and their minds are steeped in pagan liberation theology. (I deleted the word "pagan" because many pagan's were godly people who valued truth and goodness and lived virtuous lives, like Socrates. It's an insult to pagans to lump them in with these liars and Church wreckers.)

As one writer said, we are facing "High Noon" in the Church. In the film the sheriff, played by Gary Cooper, meets an incoming train arriving at noon filled with a gang of outlaws planning to take over the town. The other townsmen run for cover refusing to stand with the sheriff to protect their loved ones and their community. So Cooper faces them alone. Sound familiar? How few men in miters stand against the outlaws attacking our beloved Church and gobbling up the faith of the sheep? How few are willing to imitate Jesus or even the Old Testament prophets who chose God's law over man's lawlessness. May God have mercy on them come Judgment Day!

The October synod is a high noon moment. While we laity have less power to influence the decision makers in the Church, we are not physical or spiritual eunuchs. We can urge our bishops to stand against this assault on the faith and can stand against it ourselves by our fidelity to orthodoxy. Will the pope and his minions listen? Maybe not. Do it anyway. Your witness may convert a soul to the truth even if it doesn't succeed in the eyes of the world.

Did evil men listen to the prophets? God knew they mostly wouldn't, but he sent prophets anyway. This is a prophetic time and every layman in the pew needs to pick up the mantle of Isaiah and Jeremiah and Ezekiel and speak the truth to power. But to do that, you need to know what's going on. Why not read one of the articles below each day and then pray for God to confound the Pan-Amazon synod trying to erect a new Church. He confounded Nimrod when he was building the Tower of Babel; may he confound the many Nimrods undermining the Church today.

St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!

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