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Sunday, July 28, 2019

It's "High Noon." Will You Stand to Protect Our Beloved Church against the Synod from Hell?

The prophet Zachariah was
stoned for condemning the
 king and the people's
rebellion against God.
Sometimes it's helpful to have a list of resources together in one place. So I've listed a number of articles on the upcoming synod from hell. I've linked to many of the articles below in the Topsy and Tuptim posts about the Pan-Amazon synod, but some are new.

As we face this latest tsunami barelling down on the Church during the October hurricane season, we need soldiers of Christ committed to the truth to stand up to the liars and Church wreckers. Many wear roman collars, but their hearts wear pagan new age amulets and their minds are steeped in pagan liberation theology. (I deleted the word "pagan" because many pagan's were godly people who valued truth and goodness and lived virtuous lives, like Socrates. It's an insult to pagans to lump them in with these liars and Church wreckers.)

As one writer said, we are facing "High Noon" in the Church. In the film the sheriff, played by Gary Cooper, meets an incoming train arriving at noon filled with a gang of outlaws planning to take over the town. The other townsmen run for cover refusing to stand with the sheriff to protect their loved ones and their community. So Cooper faces them alone. Sound familiar? How few men in miters stand against the outlaws attacking our beloved Church and gobbling up the faith of the sheep? How few are willing to imitate Jesus or even the Old Testament prophets who chose God's law over man's lawlessness. May God have mercy on them come Judgment Day!

The October synod is a high noon moment. While we laity have less power to influence the decision makers in the Church, we are not physical or spiritual eunuchs. We can urge our bishops to stand against this assault on the faith and can stand against it ourselves by our fidelity to orthodoxy. Will the pope and his minions listen? Maybe not. Do it anyway. Your witness may convert a soul to the truth even if it doesn't succeed in the eyes of the world.

Did evil men listen to the prophets? God knew they mostly wouldn't, but he sent prophets anyway. This is a prophetic time and every layman in the pew needs to pick up the mantle of Isaiah and Jeremiah and Ezekiel and speak the truth to power. But to do that, you need to know what's going on. Why not read one of the articles below each day and then pray for God to confound the Pan-Amazon synod trying to erect a new Church. He confounded Nimrod when he was building the Tower of Babel; may he confound the many Nimrods undermining the Church today.

St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!

When High Noon Strikes by Elizabeth A. Mitchell

Cardinal Mueller criticizes 'false teaching' on revelation in Amazon synod doc

Amazon Synod is a ploy for ‘radical re-structuring’ of Church: Dubia cardinal

Cardinal Müller: No pope or council could permit female deacons, ‘it would be invalid’

German cardinal says Amazon synod is ‘heretical’, must be ‘rejected’

These Are the Destructive Goals of the Pan-Amazon Synod

Pan-Amazonian synod doc leaves door open to married priests proposal

Memo to the Pan-Amazon Synod: The Gospel of Christ Doesn’t Preach Exceptions

Amazon Synod Poised to Wage Total War on Catholic Faith: Our Resistance Must Be Equally Forceful

Müller Strikes Again: Amazon Synod Will Turn Church Upside Down


  1. Nightmare scenario:
    The Holy See will be moved to South America. German bishops will pay the bills for the new “Vatican," In exchange for being permitted to take child brides from among the tribes.

    That's what they mean by "inculturation."

    This is what the Argentinian really means when he keeps on about the Church "moving to the peripheries."

  2. Possible scenario after the synod from hell:

    The Holy See is moved from Rome to South America. The German church will finance the new “Vatican” with the money they extort from German Catholics.
    In exchange, the aging German prelates will be permitted to take young tribal girls as brides, and call it “inculturation.”

    Is this what our Argentinian pope meant when he promised to move the CC to the peripheries.

  3. We all must continue to talk about this synod and spread the word.

    I mentioned it to a friend recently and they thought I was talking about

    VERY FEW people are paying attention to this and they will be gobsmacked when they find out what it produces. I fear a great many will throw up their hands and walk away from the Church right when it needs people to persevere and pray that the Body of Christ is spared from its internal enemies.

  4. Someone on Twitter is trying to corral Catholics to begin a Rosary starting the day before the Synod begins, (Oct 6) and continuing it daily specifically to thwart the enemy until the end (Oct 27). If the Rosary can stop wars, it can surely stop the enemy of Christ's Church in the destruction of His Institutional Church! We need a world wide Rosary for the entire length of the Synod. How do we get this out there?

  5. Do you have a link? I'd say we need to start praying the rosary right now. The anniversary of the the Battle of Lepanto is October 7th, the day after the synod begins. I think that's significant. The rosary can indeed bring miracles of grace. "Who is she who comes forth at the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army dressed in battle array."

    Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, gave St. Catherine Laboure the image of the miraculous medal where she stands on the globe her arms outstretched crushing the head of Satan under her feet. Here's a description of the image and its meaning from the website of the Association of the Miraculous Medal:

    The Meaning of the Front Side of the Miraculous Medal
    Mary is standing upon a globe, crushing the head of a serpent beneath her foot. She stands upon the globe, as the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Her feet crush the serpent to proclaim Satan and all his followers are helpless before her (Gn 3:15). The year of 1830 on the Miraculous Medal is the year the Blessed Mother gave the design of the Miraculous Medal to Saint Catherine Labouré. The reference to Mary conceived without sin supports the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary—not to be confused with the virgin birth of Jesus, and referring to Mary's sinlessness, “full of grace” and “blessed among women” (Luke 1:28)—that was proclaimed 24 years later in 1854.

    O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

  6. It was someone that posted the idea and initiative on twitter....I'll try to post the link or maybe screen shot, but I'm sorry to say I'm not terribly savy with doing that but I'll try Mary Ann...


  7. Hope this works! Here is the link to the twitter message:

  8. Is Cardinal Muller the only one in the hierarchy that is criticizing these preliminary documents?

    Why aren't more standing with him shouting to the rooftops?

    Who decided the guest list for this synod?

    Do we actually KNOW who will attend?

    We definitely need a Rosary campaign worldwide. Is there any kind of CMC on a global scale that can be activated to a campaign of global unity?

    I can't believe this is happening! The Church will split if this is not stopped.

  9. Cdl Burke and Bishop Sneider asked for a rosary every day preceding the synod and every day of the synod. I add a few prayer to St. Michael too as this is a spiritual battle.