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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Green Agenda - The Real Reason St Peter's Bones Were Given to the Eastern Orthodox

In her book RELICS Joan Carroll Cruz writes that the bones of St Peter, Prince of the Apostles, lie under the altar of St Peter's Basilica. In 1968 his bones "were examined geologically and anatomically and were found to have been the bones of a large man who lived in the first century." Additionally, St Peter's feet are missing. Since he was crucified upside down, the soldiers, to make it easier to remove the body from the cross, hacked off St Peter's feet instead of removing the nails. 

Nine of St Peter's bones from his 2,000 year-old grave were put in a reliquary and kept in the Chapel of the Apostolic Palace. It was this reliquary, containing those nine bones, that Pope Francis took on June 29th, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, and gave to Bartholomew, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople - or as it is called today by its Islamic name, Istanbul.

Francis' explanation was, I no longer live in the Apostolic Palace, I never use this chapel, I never [celebrate] Holy Mass here, and we have St. Peter’s relics in the basilica itself, so it will be better if they will be kept in Constantinople. He said that the thought to give away the relics came to him the night before while in prayer, which is why he told Eastern Orthodox Archbishop Job to tell Bartholomew that they were a gift from God. There was no "discernment" on Francis' part, no thinking that he might be listening to Lucifer instead of God, or that giving away the relics of our beloved St Peter would cause an outcry (so far, not much...not a peep from any cardinal or bishop).
Many of the Catholic laity are upset with Francis to have so cavalierly given away the bones of St Peter. On social media they complained with various comments:

What's to keep him from giving the Veil of Our Lady at Chartres to the Muslims since there is the Fatima connection?

Has he decided that no future pope will be living in the Apostolic Palace or is he planning on being the last pope?

There is no way the security of those bones can be guaranteed safety in Istanbul. What's to keep Muslims from talking them and throwing them into the Bosporus Straits? Destroy them in a Facebook or YouTube video or sell them on Ebay?

The Eastern Orthodox split from the Church over the papacy so why would they want the bones of St Peter, our first pope? To remind them of why they are schismatics?

What? Is Francis now trafficking in relics? Planning a garage sale of Vatican art?

On the other hand, some Catholics thought it was a good gesture, and eagerly look forward to unity between Rome and the Eastern Orthodox. However, what Francis did in giving away the bones of St Peter is not about doctrinal unity. He has said, has he not, that the status quo must be maintained, that is, East is East and West is West and just let the situation remain that way. Therefore, doctrinal unity was the last thing on Francis' mind as a motive for sending poor St Peter to fend for himself among schismatics and Muslims in an Islamic country.

The underlying motive has to do with Francis' upcoming Synod on the Amazon and its Instrumentum Laboris, his Laudato Si green agenda and the fact that Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is called the Green Patriarch, the Protector of the Environment. "His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has persistently proclaimed the primacy of spiritual values in determining environmental ethics and action. His endeavors have earned him the title Green Patriarch – coined and publicized by the media in 1996, while being formalized in the White House in 1997 by Al Gore, Vice President of the United States. In 2008, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew was named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World for defining environmentalism as a spiritual responsibility." An Eastern Orthodox Synod also established a new commission for catechesis to deal with Church business concerning environmental protection.

It's clear that the green agenda has been going on for decades in Eastern Orthodoxy. They're far ahead of the Catholic Church in this game and Francis is playing "catch-up." Giving the eastern Orthodox the bones of St Peter has nothing to do with doctrinal unity, but rather unity with schismatics on the green agenda for the entire planet - unity on the environmental agenda and the bio-degradable mess that is the apostatizing Instrumentum Laboris of the Pan-Amazon Synod. It's the misty thought of we must all get together in our apostasy like the song says: "Let's get together, you and I, why don't we combine....we can have a great old time...a gruesome twosome we will be."

St Peter praying to be rescued
from an Islamic country.
With Christians of the East and West unified on the Pan-Amazonian Synod, the UN's Agenda 21 and AOC's Green New Deal, man will be well on the way to returning to his roots. Far far back to his primitive state - as far back as Adam and Eve except without God. Man will live in his most primitive state, like Amazonian tribes, infantile and as innocent as before the Fall. Babydom is the goal, with the earth, not man, being made in the image and likeness of God and the earth having dominion over man, that is, Genesis 1:26 inverted and the reality of human nature entirely erased.

Already in planning are new green solutions of the problematic issue of what to do with human bodies when people die. Burial of the body is verboten - too costly and cemeteries use too much available land. Cremation is a thing of the past - too environmentally unsafe what with human ashes scattered in the air to be breathed in or tossed in lakes, rivers and seas to pollute the ecosystem.

Therefore Human composting is the new solution. Like the days of old when people just laid down and died in the forest and their bodies naturally combined with the earth, in the near green future we will be composted. Then once our bodies are composted and turned into soil (only takes 4-6 weeks), our children can plant their field crops and vegetable gardens with the rich biodegradable soil we have become. If grown children live in a city and don't want to use their parents as soil for their potted plants, they can instead donate the composted soil their parents have become to put on conservation lands. Isn't that wonderful!...because how much more sustainable can man get!... and it gives a new meaning to "being as old as dirt."

Can the reason Pope Francis no longer has reverence for St Peter's relics be that deep in his leftist green psyche he thinks St Peter should have been composted to begin with? It makes one wonder what directions Francis will give for his own burial. 

Additionally, even though the historical location of the formal capital of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire was Constantinople, let's not forget that today the city is called by its Islamic name - Istanbul.

"Istanbul (not Constantinople)"


  1. Maryann, please check the date on Joan Carol Cruz' "Relics" book .There have been more recent archeological discoveries.

    In 2017 ....
    Bones attributed to St Peter found by chance in 1,000-year-old church in Rome

  2. A you tube video on the bones discovered in 2017.
    Is this what was given to the Orthodox or something from and earlier discovery?

  3. What an insult to Antioch and Moscow.

  4. Sometimes I try to "take in", "conscientiously absorb", the totality actions and statements of Francis.
    It's increasingly suspect, that he is intentionally going "toe to toe" with Heaven.
    In other words, he contrives these abnormal, unorthodox, statements and actions, in order to "test the patience of Heaven".

    Where and when does he display and proliferate his soul - Vicar of Christ acting in accordance with the 7 attributes of the Holy Ghost/Confirmation Sacrement:
    Piety and
    Fear of the Lord.

    Photos of his stoic posture/facial expressions while in the Presence of Our Lord, sums it up, Heaven eventually will have to rescue His Church.

  5. A very interesting comment on Life Site re this story, was that
    sometimes we miss the signs God wants us to pay attention to.
    In the case of this event ,one might look to the last Book of the Bible.
    Is this the impending destruction of Rome referred to in the Third Secret of Fatima, Akita or even Bl Katerina Emmerick's prophecies?
    Are Peter's bones being transferred to Constaninople because Rome is going to be destroyed?

  6. To Anonymous - Please check references... look up on Internet ... bones of St P, Vatican excavation, etc and you will find the route St Peter's remains have taken over 2,000 years. RELICS was written well after the discovery of the bones. Rather than waste space verifying every burial place of the bones of St P...from Vatican Hill to the catacombs to wherever and finally resting under the altar at St Peter's I merely took it from that time forward. I do not feel that I have to do all the research that anyone can do for themselves and arrive at the same conclusion.

    The bones in the video were found under the altar at St Peter's in the 1940's and the video you linked CLEARLY shows the reliquary containing the 9 bones given to the Eastern Orthodox two weeks ago. Apparently whoever made the video wants people to think The Vatican is wrong and only they are right.

  7. To Anonymous...Besides, that's not the point of the article, that is, where the bones were found, who found them, what year, etc. The point of the article is WHY they were given to the Eastern Orthodox...WHY Francis did this. For WHAT reason. Which certainly was not for doctrinal purposes but rather ideological reasons of uniting the planet under an eco-religion without Christ. If you have any questions please read the links beforehand. Thanks.

  8. Oh, my. I never knew about this, moving the bones out of the Vatican.

    Has it been verified, and on the news? Unfortunately, this fits in with my Protestant friends writing that Francis is in league with the Muslims and we are coming toward the end of the world. They even Facebooked Francis kissing the lips of the head of the other church!

    They (Protestant friends) do love speaking about end times, even though we were taught not to wonder such things, as we will know neither the hour nor the time.

    My own convent school, Nazareth, is taking up collection to "welcome" those at the border. You see, Alinsky taught in "Rules for Radicals," this would be an "inside" job to change us to communists. Please look at the important video "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing."


  9. Apparently there are more than a few bones we can be assured belong to St Peter.

    "Moss further explains that "trading relics was a means of currying political favor and exchanging religious power, so it's not unusual - especially in the case of important saints - to find various churches each claiming to have a piece of the same saint."

    Could this act by Francis just be an exchange of political or religious power as the Life Site news article commentator ?

  10. We're a long way from the end times, many things have to happen first like the conversion of the Jews. I don't see that happening anytime soon, they're too busy trying to destroy us. Protestants love to talk about end times because of their erroneous understanding of Revelation. Sola Scripture is from the pits of hell. Why did Bergoglio give those bones away? Who knows, but don't underestimate this narcissist's penchant for intentionally pissing off traditional Catholics. It gives him much pleasure.


  11. Hello, someone just sent me this link tonight.

  12. Lasserre,

    The conversion of the Jews prior to the Second coming is itself a Protestant formulation.
    It IS Traditional Catholics who are wondering if the act of gifting the Orthodox is a sign of the impending
    destruction of Rome and of a Pope i.e. the Third Secret.

  13. All of St Peter's bones were not given to the orthodox - there were nine bones in the reliquary given to the Eastern Orthodox. The rest of the bones - minus the feet as explained in the article - are under the altar at St Peter's...hence the picture of PETER'S GRAVE in the article. Do people not look at the pictures or read the links? Apparently not!!

  14. Anonymous,
    You're confusing dispensationalism which is protestant error, with the actual conversion of the Jews before the Second Coming, which is prophesized in the Bible. Read the book :"The End Of the Present World, and the Mysteries of the Future Life."

  15. Lasserre,

    do not care what priest wrote what book and NO I did not make mt statement based on a dispensationalist viewpoint. No man knows the hour or the time however according to Jesus , we can and should recognize the signs of the times.

  16. Rod Dreher writes..........

    "As an Orthodox Christian, I suppose that I am grateful that an Orthodox patriarch now has relics of St. Peter, also venerated by us, in the Orthodox Church’s possession. Note well that these aren’t all of the Petrine relics, just some of them. Most of them remain buried under St. Peter’s Basilica."

    My point being in agreement that not ALL the bones suggested ( not proven) to be those of St Peter's were given away.

  17. Never said anything about knowing the hour, you like to put words in people's mouths.

  18. Lasserre.

    Take out your Douay Rheims copy of the Bible and read the commentary from the priest Theologian below the Book of the Apocalypse who , as a Catholic priest, makes the point that it is believed this is the city of Rome whose destruction is being predicted.
    Go to the Vatican website and read the Third Secret of Fatima.
    Read the visions of Bl Katerina Emmerick concerning the Church and Rome.
    Read the words of little Jacinta who foresaw the upheaval in Rome.
    And finally contrast what is said about Rome with the post on this site
    with the condemnations of the Holy Spirit on the city that harbors every filth
    "Vatican City State: The Sanctuary City for Criminal Clerics"
    Read the visions of Bl Katerina Emmerick concerning the Church and Rome.

    There are Jews being converted that is true, but not every Jew will be converted and not every one who says ,"Lord, Lord" will be recognized by Our Lord Jesus Christ as one of His own.