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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Don't Defend Reality in Scotland Schools: Big Brother is the Principal!

Murray, a high school student in Scotland, was expelled for defending the biological, scientific reality that there are only two "genders" (The proper word is "sexes"), male and female. No diversity of thought in Scotland is allowed obviously if it disagrees with a politically correct fantasy. Murray is guilty of "crimethink" and must be punished. What's next? the face cage with the rats inside? Big Brother clearly runs the show in Scotland with the help of his minions like this teacher.

For an update, visit LifeSiteNews.

Pray for Murray and all the students in Scotland who are clearly prisoners in a reeducation camp intent on forcing them to embrace politically correct lies. This, friends, is the death of reason! "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make crazy."

Our Lady, help of Christians, pray for us.


Alice Roddy said...

The teacher clearly knows he is spokesman for an unscientific stance as he defends a policy, not a fact. Living a lie.

TuNeCedeMalisPJS said...

Although Murray is correct, the kid was wrong to continue his stance with the teacher.
Our side needs to realize when and where and how the battle is best fought,

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

He's a teenager! They challenge and every teacher of teens knows that. He was never disrespectful to the teacher.

I used to do a lot of pro-life lectures in schools and I faced a lot of challenges from students. I always treated them seriously and addressed their questions with soli facts. This teacher expressed his opinion and immediately began threatening when that unscientific opinion was challenged.

It was inexcusable and a perfect example of bullying. He had the power and he was going to use it to crush the student.

The kid got the hobnailed boot because he didn't bend to the bully brownshirt.

turkeyridge said...

Of course the young man should have said "Sex" applies to people, they are either male or female, "gender" applies to Latin nouns only! But, of course, he is victim to a generation now of leftist propaganda that is destroying the meanings of words.
Second, he should "No, it is not my opinion, it is REALITY as it runs the universe that God created.

turkeyridge said...

As a follow up comment, Scotsmen like that need to be Kilt! (Sorry!)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm sharing that comment with my husband, turkeyridge. He is an inveterate punster and will appreciate it as it deserves. LOL!