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Monday, December 30, 2019

Cuzco School Catholic IPhone Cases

Virgin Adoring the Christ Child
18th Century, Cuzco School
Let's inundate the culture with truth, beauty and goodness.  Below
are a few of the many IPhone cases available from Fine Art America.
Double Trinity
Cuzco School

The Last Judgement
by Diego Quispe Tito
Cuzco School, 17th Century
Cuzco City
The Archbishop's Palace

Lord of the Fall
St Rose of Lima
Cuzco School
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Protector of the University of Cuzco


  1. The Holy Virgin is pleased with the Cuzco School.This is evidenced by her icon created in a wonderful way on a rock monolith in the Guaitara River canyon in Las Lajas, Bolivia. Although it is an acheiropoieton, it has all the features of this famous school.

  2. I don't have an iPhone and I can't find anything for android. :-(
    It's a wonderful idea to have these beautiful cases. Too bad we can't all participate...

  3. I love Cuzco school art. If only they had a case for the Samsung S10E