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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Catholic Priest Has Mom of Eleven Arrested for Not Wearing a Mask!

If you don't have time to watch the video, let me give you a brief synopsis. A Catholic mom of eleven from a farming family in Kansas City, MO goes to Mass with her children. Several of them are special needs (not sure how many were with her, but one autistic daughter, Mary, was.) They have not been masking in their community and have had no issues. Until this outrageous event! 

They were the only ones in the church unmasked and the deacon and priest made a point of it and asked them to mask or leave. The mom was not there to make a political point, she was there with her children to pray. But she refused to obey the tyrant priest. (Shades of Rosa Parks!) "Fr. Gary" insisted they put on masks or leave. She refused. (Who owns the church anyway????) Father called the police and, to make a long story short,  he had her arrested for "trespassing." The police department later released a statement saying they do not enforce masking mandates, they were instructed by the priest to arrest her for "trespassing." 

Ah...I get this. As a rescuer, I've been arrested for "trespassing" many times when I was at a death center trying to save babies. I was also arrested at a Catholic Church for opposing the presence of Call to Action who were using liberal parishes to try to organize and build membership to oppose central Catholic teachings against homosexuality, abortion, divorce, etc. The person who instructed the police to arrest us wasn't even a member of the parish. And the cowardly pastor? He was in hiding nowhere to be found!

Back to Kansas...The bishop, James Johnston, came out with a weasel-worded statement that he wasn't opposed to dropping the charges but it was up to the police. No, Bishop, it's up to the man who ASKED the police to arrest the mom. And YOU have the power to tell him what he did was outrageous and order him to withdraw his complaint. Keep in mind that there were many cases in this diocese of abusive priests whose crimes of child sex abuse were overlooked. No calls to the police for them. But this mom is arrested for not wearing a mask? This is another form of abuse and it's wrong. 

In addition to all this, there was no social distancing at the jail. The mom was put in a crowded cell with others. 

I emailed the diocese. You can too! Here's the email for the bishop: 

And here are several alternative parishes for anyone who lives in Kansas City, MO. Speak with your feet and your pocketbook. St. Philippine Duchesne Catholic Church in Westwood (FSSP) and St. Vincent de Paul (SSPX) in Kansas City are great alternatives for persecuted Catholics. Both offer the traditional Latin Mass exclusively. 

As for "Fr. Gary" and Bishop Johnston -- Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for them.


P. O'Brien said...

Indeed, time to find another parish, and your suggestions are very good. I will never wear a mask in church, never receive Communion in the hand.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Remember that in today's communist/socialist lingo the word for "communist" and "socialism" is now "social justice". The worldwide agenda hides the real intent (Communism/Socialism) under "social justice" so if you parish has a social justice ministry, that is where you will find leftist Democrat Catholics. Any priest allowing that in his parish is obviously a leftist
mask-wearing tyrant reporting his people to the Gestapo. Heil WHO!