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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

"The Most Influential Thinker That You Have Never Heard Of" -- Antonio Gramsci and Cultural Marxism

 "We are living through the end game of a Gramscian Revolution."

Many millennials and other young people (and even some oldsters) have embraced the Gramscian Revolution under the title of socialism without even knowing who Antonio Gramsci was. In a nutshell, Gramsci was a Marxist who believed that the goal of Communism would never be achieved in the West by inspiring violent worker uprisings like the 1917 Bolshevik revolt. Rather than politics, he thought Communist principles could be advanced most effectively by a slow march through the institutions. Infiltrate schools, the media, the entertainment industry, and even the churches, and you could change the thinking and values of the masses, destroy capitalism, and replace God with government.

When one points out the failures of socialism in the past and the devastation it's brought to once prosperous nations like Cuba, Venezuela, and Argentina, why are mobs of young people on board? I think one word explains it....


Many young people, even college educated, don't have a clue about the reality of what socialism is and what it does to a nation. Let me summarize. Socialism is the warm, fuzzy name for Communism, a philosophy that his killed hundreds of millions of people throughout the world and imprisoned many others for "dissent." Whether it's imposed via Marx/Lenin's mailed fist or Gramsci's velvet glove, the result is the same. Domination by an elite group over the masses replacing the Christian ideal of promoting the "common good" with the elite's idea of Utopia where they control everything. 

Ignorance is not bliss. Our young people need to be educated on the dangers of Gramsci's revolution which we see daily being implemented in our poor country. Here are several articles to get you started. The first is particularly good and gives a great overview of Cultural Marxism and Gramsci's plan to put it into effect which has been incredibly effective in the United States. Even Catholics (who should know better) have swallowed the poison of moral relativism and embraced intrinsic evils their grandparents would have shuddered at. 

Cultural Marxism's Origins: How the Disciples of an Obscure Italian Linguist Subverted America

Here are a few takeouts from the article:
The bottom line of the difference between Classical Marxism and Cultural Marxism is that the latter sees the state as effectively neutral – something that can be taken over and used for its own purposes – while the former does not. Cultural Marxism is interested not in revolution in the classical 19th-century sense of throwing up barricades, toppling the monarchy and setting up guillotines. Its interests lie in cultural transformations, after which other transformations (political and economic) can take place....

Proponents of Cultural Marxism were expected to go out there and ingratiate themselves into every aspect of society. Once there, whether this was in bowling leagues or board rooms, they would push their ideology and attempt to transform society. It wasn’t as dramatic or sudden as the revolution espoused by Classical Marxists and their Marxist-Leninist children, but it was considered both more effective and, more to the point, necessary for fundamental transformation of society. Once the cultural institutions had been changed, political and economic transformation could be enacted....
The primary weapon of the Cultural Marxists is a constant, neverending critique of Western culture and civilization....
Cultural Marxism starts with the assumption that every aspect of Western civilization is some kind of a conspiracy (conscious or otherwise) to keep a certain group of people in their place. This creates what Victor Davis Hansen has called a “subjective righteousness.” There is no place for individual responsibility for good or for ill. Rather, there is only the analysis of power. Those who are judged to have it, by the priests of Wokeness (effectively a Cultural Marxist framework), can do no right. Those who attack them can do no wrong.

Wow! Sound familiar? 2020 is the year of the attack on every aspect of Western civilization. Parents, you need to read these articles, because the Cultural Marxists are taking your children in the schools. The 1619 project, sex ed, diversity bookbags...all these things are perverting your children! Read the entire article. It goes into many other aspects of the cultural revolution we are experiencing every day. You can't fight if you don't know the enemy.

And here are a few more articles:

Socialism Destroys by John Stossel 

If We Don’t Stop It, Marxism Will Annihilate The American Way Of Life

Cultural Marxism

The liberal left dismisses Cultural Marxism as an "alt right conspiracy theory." It's not! You can see it in plain sight operating in many places, particularly on college and university campuses where unpopular speech is shouted down and the free exchange of ideas is squelched. Study these articles. Share the information with friends. Encourage your college students to do research papers on the topic. Truth is an antidote to the lie. 

The devil is hard at work through his useful dupes. Don't be one of them. Learn to recognize when you are being scammed by these evil people. A primary weapon against them is prayer and the sacraments. Are you praying the daily rosary?


rohrbachs said...

I think you mean the 1619 project.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

LOL! Thanks for being my editor! I made the correction.

Unknown said...

Georgia Guidestones. They told us what they want. It's the masonic 10 commandments.
We are at war

JEsq2 said...

Most nauseatingly, Jorge Bergoglio—stage name: Pope Francis—ceaselessly pushes communism. Actual Catholics instantly see through this rabid wolf in sheep‘s clothing.