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Friday, November 20, 2020

Dominion Voting and Big Tech Work for the Liberal Left! Stop the Steal!

Hat tip to Vox Cantoris who posted this video about Dominion on his website where I first saw it! Think about it! Dominion, that runs the voting machines in hundreds of counties in the U.S., are big supporters of the Clintons and have offices on the same floor in a Toronto office building with a George Soros organization. What kind of cross pollination and networking go on there? 

There's more as this video shows, but Big Tech and the Mainstream Media assure us there's nothing to see. And we can trust them, right?:

hen there's Zuckerberg whose company secretly spies on Americans, conspires with the other Big Tech companies, and censors communication they don't like including tweets and posts from the President of the United States. But nothing to see here, folks.

Really, you can't make this up. What a thriller Tom Clancy could write using facts and hard data for the plot. Let's see...possible titles....Stealing the White House....The Dominion Flip....Killing Freedom....The Fraud Machine....

Keep praying that all the evil shenanigans are exposed.

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