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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Laughing is Good for Body and Soul! Of Trolls and Absurdity!

I rarely talk about troll comments (which I don't post) because it feeds the trolls, but I've been laughing this morning over the message of one named Acolyte. She is aptly named. (Must be a woman since I can't imagine a man coming to my blog several times a day to spout the nonsense this person does.) 

First the definition. An "acolyte" is "a person assisting the celebrant in a religious service or procession" and Acolyte is religiously attached to liberalism and obviously worships at the feet of the Democrats. She knows all the litanies of political correctness by heart. Susan, Chriss, Lise, and I have all been vilified as white supremacists, racists, mentally ill, ungodly, etc., etc. Susan and I "will be cell mates in hell." know the drill. 

Acolyte is also a term used in witchcraft, and, in view of her history on the blog and her statements, it is certainly feasible that Acolyte chose that name because she serves the powers of darkness. I hope not but she shows all the signs.

On to the latest Acolyte travesty. 

This morning Acolyte claimed she voted for Biden because of my blog. I'm still laughing! As if she for one minute didn't plan to vote for the high priestess of child sacrifice, Kamala Harris. I doubt anyone actually voted for Biden who couldn't find his way out of a paper bag without help, poor demented Joe. Pray for him. He has so much to answer for!

Actually, I've been thinking for a few days about acknowledging another of Acolyte's comments because it was so stupid and patently false I could hardly believe she said it. Can she possibly be that ignorant? Or is she mentally ill? Whatever the reason, her comment illustrates the mind loss among liberals. Here's the quote verbatim:
Caesar Augustus - "not white"
"Oh and just a reminder there are NO WHITE PEOPLE IN THE BIBLE. NONE! ( take as much time as you need with that factual data point!)" 😊

I guess Acolyte uses the same dictionary Bill Clinton did when he told a grand jury he didn't lie about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky because it depended on the definition of the word "is." 

Actually, I suppose no one is really "white." We are all varying shades of light tan to brown to dark brown. I don't think anyone is really black either! It would be interesting to know how Jews identify themselves in census data. Do most identify as black or hispanic?

At any rate, I found Acolyte's statement so absurd, I still laugh when I read it. Augustus Caesar is at the center of the Christmas story. He wasn't white? Most of the Roman emperors were, not only white, but some like Nero, are described in ancient texts as blonde or red-haired. 

St. Paul talks about his visit to the Greeks. Is there any evidence Greek sculptures were modeled on non-whites? All of the Greek temples show gods and goddesses with a classical European look. As for ancient history, Egypt where the Israelites lived for hundreds of years showed a diversity of race but the ancient world showed even less evidence of black African blood than today. 

Alexander the Great is in the Bible. He was Macedonian, many of whom were Greeks. An interesting video shows reconstruction of his face from sculptures and other depictions made several centuries before Christ. Judge for yourselves his likely ethnicity.

Of course there are blacks in the Bible as well. The Queen of Sheba who visited King Solomon was probably black, but to claim that the Roman Empire and the Bible have "no white people" is not a "factual data point" but an illustration of massive ignorance. It would be beyond belief that anyone could say that, if it weren't coming from a person who supports those who claim men can be women and women can be men just by wishing it and deforming their bodies by drugs and surgery. Acolyte doesn't live in the real world.

Frankly, I don't care what color a person is as long as he/she has solid values. An ethical pagan these days is more honorable than a Biden/Pelosi Catholic and I'd rather have one for a neighbor whatever his/her color than a "progressive" Catholic who threw the faith under the bus long ago.

Acolyte is the one who is absolutely fixated on race! I wonder how many black and hispanic babies she's saved from dismemberment. Be that what it may, I say a Hail Mary for her whenever she leaves a comment before I click it into my spam folder. Today I'm offering my Mass and rosary for her as well. 

Will you please pray for her too. Our Lady of Wisdom please intercede for all those racing for the abyss. Trip them up please with grace and the truth.


Gigi said...

Lovely history lesson and great description of an ignorant acolyte! (I am following you on Parler 😍)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'll follow you back! Wish we weren't separated by so many miles.