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Monday, November 30, 2020

It's Not Just Fraud; It's Treason! Three Star General Calls for "Full Disclosure!"

The big question that needs to be answered is:


The mainstream media continues to pretend fraud didn't happen in the 2020 election, while anyone with half a brain can see that cheating and stealing was likely epidemic.  You won't learn that from the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and the other traitors in the media who will do anything to achieve their socialistic goals. Any of us who question the result are labeled "conspiracy nuts." But was there, in fact, a conspiracy to steal the election? There are certainly plenty of flashing red lights warning that something fishy and perhaps criminal or even treasonous happened.

The 2020 election result was statistically questionable. That's an understatement. Impossible comes a lot closer to the truth. Many aberrations indicated that something wasn't right. (Check here, here, here, here) But to discover the truth you have to go to the alternative media, the organizations, researchers, analysts, etc. They are all censored by the New York Times, the Washington Post and other liberal press along with Big Tech! 

Anyone who refutes the liberal narrative is censored and described by the MSM talking heads (in their echo chambers) as a "conspiracy theorist." 

Today I'm beginning a long look at the treasonous activities of the Democrats and their collaborators. I'll start with a video posted Saturday night at World View Report with General Michael Flynn, three-star general Thomas McInerney, and researcher Mary Fanning. They explain how the vote was falsified and flipped. 

This isn't simply election fraud, it's TREASON! See the hour-long video at the link below. 

It's well worth the time to listen, but if you can't spare the time, check out my bullets below. The information is shocking, horrifying, and focuses on the crisis our Republic faces from the treasonous left. 

As I write this, I'm watching the Arizona Election Integrity Hearing live. Many Arizona legislators are participating. The testimony from Colonel Phil Waldron, a 30-year career military officer, about the Dominion/Smartmatic voting machines and software is compelling. He's a cyber-warfare specialist. Half of his military career was spent "in information warfare as a psychological operations officer and information operations officer, conducted computer network operations, electronic warfare, special electronic warfare, deception, counter deception and op sec." He's a credible and impressive witness. But that's the post for another day.

Let's get back to today's video featuring General Mike Flynn, General Thomas McInerny and Mary Fanning.

From General Mike Flynn:
  • "We're going through a crucible of history and if we don't correct what's happening, then I really hate to think what will happen to our country going forward.  I do not believe for a second that the country will accept Vice Pres. Biden as the legitimate president."
  • Hundreds of people are coming forward with affidavits identifying the fraud in their states.  Keep in mind that these are eye witnesses, i.e., hard evidence!
  • "We have clear clear paths of victory for this president.... There's no doubt in my mind that he won this election in a landslide."
  • There was theft with mail-in ballots and the software....These systems were not produced by this country, but were introduced by foreign governments. In some cases the ballots are not even counted in this country. 
  • "I just cannot believe the media and the censorship that is going on....It's an abomination against the First Amendment....The media is not going to allow [President Trump] to get his message out." He went on to describe how Twitter censored a tweet from a Pennsylvania state senator commenting on the press conference by Trump's legal team.
  • It's a "coup!" There's been a four-year project to pressure Trump out of the presidency: fake Russia-gate, fake spy-gate, fake impeachment, Covid, etc. "This is still a coup in progress."
  • "When your enemy tells you they're going to do something, you better pay attention to what they said....The Democrat socialist party of America [has engaged]... in criminal behavior...the electronic vote did not achieve the result they needed on November 3rd....They realized they had to shut down..... They shut down five states that night."  
  • "Everybody knows the quote unquote mainstream media...are trying to control a narrative and tell the American people what they should know....[It's brainwashing.] If you study Chinese doctrine the first five phases all have to do with information.... We're in this phase of information warfare....The President is being censored by U.S. companies....Everything we are experiencing right now is more than just an assault on President Trump; it's an assault on the American Republic on this great country." 
"If we don't get this right, our country is done; it's over....We cannot allow this...We're going to straighten this out....It's going to be done legally...with American patriots... [Flynn mentions Giuliani, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, etc.]... I think we'll find out at the end of the day that President Trump won in a landslide."

From General Thomas McInerney: 

  • "We are seeing the most dangerous situation since the Civil War."
  • Targeted states announced that they were going to stop counting on election night, but they did not stop counting. After that the numbers shifted in favor of Biden in those states at the same percentage in all of them "which means an algorithm was used....This is a huge flashing red light." 
  • "This is treason what we're talking about. President Obama used [election fraud] in 2012 so Obama would win Florida.... We haven't seen treason of this magnitude in our history." The American people need a full disclosure of what's gone on. The servers need to be examined and the matter will end up in the Supreme Court. [Many court cases are currently in litigation. A judge in Georgia has impounded the voting machines to prevent their being "wiped."]
  • The chain of custody of the vote was violated in swing states with poll watchers denied access. "The American people must demand that the president stay in office until this is cleared up."
  • Iran, China, and Russia were all involved in the election fraud. The proof is being presented in the court cases being pursued in the states that used the suspect vote machines and software.
From Researcher Mary Fanning:
  • "There's an abundance of evidence that the 2020 presidential election was stolen on behalf of Joe Biden....We cannot let this stand. It will be the theft of America." 
  • Fanning is a researcher who has been reporting on the deep state for a number of years. Her report (with Alan Jones), The Perfect Storm, goes into the danger to America due to the Obama administration giving Iran access to Florida’s Port Canaveral cargo container terminal, a U.S. port of entry. The report goes into the development of small nuclear weapons delivered via cargo containers. It's frightening. 
Keep in mind that the evidence is not being presented on this video, simply the problems that need to be vetted and the areas where evidence will come from. The fight will be in the courts with the evidence presented there. 


rohrbachs said...

The problem is that the putative victim is an administration which could have and should have dealt with the dominion stuff way earlier than the election.

Susan said...

What is one to make of AG Barr “protecting Clinton” (see headline on Populist.Press) and of his saying that the DOJ and FBI haven’t seen any evidence of widespread election fraud...and Trump’s legal team responding that the DOJ has not conducted any semblance of an investigation to determine the existence of evidence? This is a nightmare. I hope it’s merely a ploy to thwart the perpetrators!