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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Tyrants at Work in D.C. and Virginia

I'm offering several articles today about the liberal tyrants working in our states and cities. It's time for a revolution!

Liberal Mayor Accused of Discrimination Against Trump Supporters
Get ready for this everywhere if Biden is sworn in. Any time conservatives push back against the liberal agenda, the thugs will be there in masks carrying baseball bats. Unfortunately, once the violence begins, both sides engage. There are plenty of examples in history of manipulation of disturbed people to create incidents that justify draconian crackdowns. 

We are on the verge of a revolution. Believe me, they are never pretty! This kind of thuggery is a Communist tactic. It's been used in the U.S. before and it's a planned strategy because anarchy always brings tyranny -- usually, the tyranny of Communists on the left and fascists on the right. Actually, both groups are essentially the same. Communists claim ownership by the masses as they steal property; fascists claim ownership by the government. Both groups operate with a mailed fist crushing the people. 

Study history, because it's repeating itself. Read about the 1919 May Day riots in Cleveland. Then read about the 2017 May Day riots in Portland and Seattle, a preview of the ongoing anarchist agitation that continues in major cities run by Democrats. These are not aberrations, they are Communist tactics!

Linda Kerns Requests Removal from Trump Legal Team 

One of Trump's attorneys in Pennsylvania has withdrawn from the case after being harrased and receiving death threats to the point she needed protection from Federal Marshals. This is all coming from the caring and compassionate left that we hear about so much. It's chilling because it means those who refuse to toe the party line may be denied legal recourse. Are you on AOC's enemies list? 

VA Attorney General Mark Herring Takes Aim at Gun Show  

Face it! This had nothing to do with the gun show. It has everything to do with the left's plans to gut the second amendment. One way to do that is to limit opportunities for citizens to buy guns. Another is to go after the ammunition which is hard to get these days. Just wait to see the restrictions if Biden is sworn in come January. When the riots begin, you will be helpless. With defunded police and no way to protect yourself, the left will have complete control. If history is any teacher, the next move is gun confiscation. Hey, in the Third Reich they even confiscated radios. Today they don't need to do that, Google, Facebook, and Twitter also act as Pravda West to control what you are allowed to hear.

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