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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Is Bishop Barron's Endorsement of Fr. James Martin' Book a Chess Move for Advancement?

What sad times we live in when Catholic clergy are the source of so much confusion -- from the pope on down! Yesterday I had a heart-breaking conversation with a young person whom I love dearly. It confirmed in my mind how much these rogue clergy have to answer for. They have abandoned our children in a forest of confusion. Instead of preaching the truth, they have waffled in cowardice.

How many young Catholics yesterday voted for an adulterous womanizer who gropes children while he calls himself a devout Catholic and waves his rosary beads? How many did so trusting the men in Roman collars spouting their seamless garment BS that equates being nice to wait staff in restaurants with the satanic crime of ripping babies limb from limb? 

How much murky Satanic smoke emerges from every crack in our poor battered church because of these wolves in sheep's clothing?  How many smoky fires have false shepherds lit spreading confusion like the growing black snakes children light on the 4th of July? 

If Joe Biden wins the election it will be in part due to unfaithful priests. When I think of what they have to answer for, some for serious scandal, others for their silent acquiescence to evil, I tremble for their Day of Judgment. How much we need to pray for priests!

James Martin has the the pope's ear with his appointment to the Vatican's communication office. There are photos of him on the internet in tête-à-tête conversations with Francis. Is Bishop Barron's description of Martin's "winsome" book on prayer (what a word!) a calculated move in the game of ambition? Is praise of Martin a shrewd chess move in the complicit clergy game of papal advancement?

Who does Francis promote to his inner circle and the College of Cardinals? Men like Wilton Gregory get the red hat. "Of course he does," say some, "The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. is always headed by a Cardinal!" Ah...but so is the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, but that didn't get Archbishop Chaput the red hat. Why not? Too conservative?

We are living in a sad time when shepherds who least resemble St. Jean Vianney are most likely to be advanced. Holy priests get disciplined for their "tone" while wicked, scandalous "Nighty-night, Baby" bishops get plum appointments. More and more the Church hierarchy resembles the corrupt Democrat party where money talks and lies abound.

Having said that, I love the Church! The men who cover her with filth will never drive me out. I will embrace the faith as passed on through the centuries and will never accept the evil novelties of evil men. It is long past time that every Catholic own a pre-Vatican II catechism and study it: the Didache, a short document which you can study online, the Catechism of the Council of Trent (see a sample here), and the Baltimore Catechism (online here) are all great resources for learning the faith in its fullness. There are others, but I recommend reading works written before the 1960s. Study the lives of the saints. However,  beware of canonizations after 1969 when Pope Paul VI began the change in the procedures which continued until 1983. 

Canonization went from a courtroom-like examination with a devil's advocate acting as prosecutor against the cause, to an ivory tower type process like a thesis of praise for the candidate. The integrity of the process has been deeply compromised. I'm not saying that canonizations after 1983 are invalid, but let's face it. Should all the popes of Vatican II (except John Paul I) have been rushed to a proclamation of sainthood? Or does that reflect a political decision to canonize Vatican II by canonizing its cheerleaders? Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II were all popes of ambiguity and/or troubling and scandalous actions. Many saints weren't proclaimed for hundreds of years. Why the rush to judgment for these three?

I know, I know... all you admirers of John Paul II are upset with me. And yes, he wrote some wonderful documents and eloquently defended the unborn. He also planted the seeds for syncretism and indifferentism that gave us Pachamama in the Vatican Garden and contributed to the attitude of missionaries who brag about never baptizing an indigenous person. Hey, the Church is just one path to salvation and we can all have a "unreasonable hope" that all are saved and hell is empty. Hmm...I wonder what Our Lady of Fatima would say about that.

All you Catholic parents out there who are reading this, you need to take on the duty of instructing your children in the Faith of our Fathers. Many of our bishops and clergy abandoned that duty long ago and instead became shills for Catholic sex ed and political correctness. Note the USCCB's focus on global warming, systemic racism, and open borders while being mum on intrinsic evils like abortion, contraception, in vitro fertilization, gender ideology, attacks on marriage and religious freedom, etc. 

As a long-time catechist I can tell you that your children will not get enough from CCD to learn the faith. If you don't do it at home, they will likely leave the Church, victims of a vicious and unbelieving culture. They may leave anyway to your great sorrow, but if they are well-grounded in doctrine, they are more likely to return. Teach and live the doctrine!

May God protect us all in the difficult days ahead. Remember, "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and serve according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28) That includes difficulties, sufferings, and chastisement. "The Lord chastises those He loves." (Hebrews 12:6) So never lose hope and never stop thanking God for whatever He allows. Perhaps more souls will be saved by suffering than by joys. God knows; we don't. Remember who you are and bow in humility to whatever happens, because nothing happens outside of God's will.

Viva Cristo Rey!


rohrbachs said...

"How many young Catholics yesterday voted for an adulterous womanizer who gropes children ". Hate to say but both candidates qualified here. After watching mercolas take down on warp speed, I am glad I voted not xiden nor trump but republican created equal.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I've never seen any evidence that Trump gropes children, I also, with my Church, believe that people can change. There's plenty of evidence that Biden is CURRENTLY a liar, a false Catholics, a proponent of child-killing and gender insanity. From campaign footage I've seen, dementia hasn't stopped him from violating boundaries with women and children.

Trump has a terrible personal history (so did King David) and he still says crass things. He also had an amazing convention, surrounds himself with faithful Catholics, and defends the unborn and the Little Sisters of the Poor. When I consider the alternative in Biden, there was no contest. If Biden ends up winning and with the expert cheating Democrats do, I expect he will, we will be living the Cuban, Argentinian, and Venezuelan nightmares! I wouldn't with that on my worst enemy, much less my five children, their spouses, and my 27 living grandchildren!

I'd be interested in seeing Mercola's video. Can you post a link?

Chriss Rainey said...

I commend you calling out our useless CCD programs. The teachers who volunteer are greatly unprepared to teach and defend the faith. Children are absent a lot and are passed on to the next level anyway through the Sacrament of the Eucharist and through Confirmation if they memorize a list of items long enough to pass a test. The majority of these teens are drug there against their will by parents who do not attend mass or even try to lead holy lives. They go through the process to please grandparents and or to maintain the appearance of being "catholic" in front of their friends.

For a large number of teens it is the graduation point from the Church and not the threshold into it as willing apologists who hold dear the graces, strength, and comfort that comes to those who love the Church by their obedience, humility, and dedication to its truths.

If they did know the faith they would recognize evil when they see it and would know how to resist it.

Chriss Rainey said...

I've had it with sanctimonious people who haven't got sense enough to sort out what does and does NOT matter about a presidential candidate. Gruffness and determination have a way of getting things done that slithering and dithering will never accomplish. And knowing what should be done and what must be defended requires virtue and wisdom that no Democrat in this country has an ounce of.