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Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Media's False Narrative Will Start a Civil War

JP Sears sets the record straight 

"The media doesn't have ANY authority to determine who the winner of the election is. Actually ZERO. That's the exact amount of authority they have. Determining the winner of an election is actually the legal responsibility of the 1) Electoral College 2) Senate 3) House of Representatives 4) National Archives. Not the media. This is something other countries see very clearly while our media seems to be clouding our vision."

Does the media want more rioting? A civil war? Of course they do. They want their orchestrated civil war because it will fit their narrative of destroying our country so that the Great Reset can begin but President Trump and 75 million Deplorables are in their way. In this satirical video JP Sears actually gives a very clear analysis of what the media is doing.


Unknown said...

Although Trump is a fly in the ointment, it should be clear to anyone that there really are not two political parties that oppose one another, but instead one party that dictate policies and another that eventually concede into those policies.
Does the Republican Party oppose homosexual marriage? No. This is fully conceded.
Does the Republican Party oppose abortion? Only late term, and that position will fade after Trump.
Does the Republican Party oppose mass immigration? No. They concede to control mass immigration.
Does the Republican Party oppose deficit spending? No. Bush outspent Clinton and Trump outspent Obama.
The list of failures and conceded positions is long.
Yes, the Dems committed huge voter fraud, but our system is no longer “for the people”, but instead it’s for big global business. The Republican Party needs to be destroyed and a Party that represents us needs to be borne. It looks to me that a civil war is needed to make that happen because even Trump cannot and has not changed the Republican Party. Yes, he has thrown some sand in the gears, but the system that is corrupted and godless remains.

Kathleen1031 said...

Boy this guy is terrific. What a great video he has made.

Please everybody, go to You Tube or Twitter (if you use that evil thing) and look up the Lou Dobbs interview with Atty. Sydney Powell, President Trump's attorney. Apparently they have the exact goods on the Dominion software, and it's all going to come out. It's been used in foreign countries to steal votes and they used it for the same thing here. Donald Trump "won in a landslide", as she put it.

Atty. Powell has said she is going to "release the Kracken", which means, it's about to get real. Do your preps and be safe out there.
May God bless America!

Susan said...

EXCELLENT! Thanks so much!

rohrbachs said...

Reply to anonymous: the republican platform does support the human life amendment, which would abolish abortion. The problem is that it also supports all sorts of other half measures which belie it's intent to abolish abortion aka incrementalism.

Unknown said...

Rohrbachs... A stated position is fine, but a won position is best.
For all morality positions the Left has been winning for my entire 55yr life and the Republicans have continued to concede ground. I was born the year JFK was shot, Since then pretty much all positions have been ceded and now the party would consider JFK a radical right.
Go down the list of 10 Commandments and think where the country was 55yrs ago and consider it now.
But go ahead, keep backing these guys into the oblivion they will concede us into, but hey they will have stated positions that are just grand.
We need actions, not words...

Susan Matthiesen said...

Unknown - The reason 75 million Americans backed President Trump is because we're all sick of the evil Democrat Party as well as the GOP establishment. It's time for a new party - the MAGA Party of President Donald Trump. I voted for HIM - NOT the GOP.

rohrbachs said...

Republicans were the first and only party of abolition of slavery. They taught the country that "created equal" meant what it said. We need to remind people of that so that we can also call on "created equal" to abolish abortion.

Why not boot out the neocons who have no care for abolition. We can demand the politicians adhere to the platform instead of having to make up another one.

rohrbachs said...

"What the future holds: “It’s not only that Trump has to lose, his enablers have to lose. We have to collectively BURN DOWN the Republican Party. We have to LEVEL THEM. Because if there are SURVIVORS, if there are people who weather this storm, they will [elect a president] again” (WAPO columnist).

This is what the Trump accountability project says, because they know about our Republican rich history and their Democrat stained history of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation...and eugenics, which they carry up to this day. They would love for the Republican party of abolition to fold.