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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Check Out the Epoch Times! See What It's Like to Read a Paper that Treats News Like News!

I love the Epoch Times so I'm giving them a plug. Almost every issue I cut out one or two articles to send to family and friends. It might be the article about how gratitude is good for you, or the one about Christopher Columbus or another historical figure. Sometimes it's an expose like the one about how the Chinese Communist Party is killing patients for their organs. 

I love the puzzle page for myself and cut out the kids' page to send to my grandchildren. 

Really! Take advantage of their trial period and check it out for yourself. I never enjoy my morning coffee so much as when I'm reading the Epoch Times. And they don't have to pay me to say that!



Kathleen1031 said...

Thank you for this. I agree, we need to get the word out about the Epoch Times. It's almost startling to read an actual newspaper now, we are so accustomed to bull----. Sorry, that's vulgar, but these times do try the soul and the patience.
Since we just had confirmed for us that Fox News is not our friend, indeed, is our enemy, we are scrambling, as are many others. The Epoch Times is a good source. We are not sure about Newsmax, and even less sure about Breitbart. OAN seems good.
What Tucker Carlson pulled is still surprising us. I had noticed for the last year that Fox was leaning left. It was obvious in their comments section, where my conservative comments have been shadow banned, deleted right in front of my eyes, and every block they could put up, they did. But Tucker has been a stalwart ally to conservatism, but he sold out right in front of our eyes with his hissy fit over Sidney Powell. Even if that happened just that way, why gripe about that publicly, except to signal to the Left, I'm on your side now.
These people never have enough money they won't sell out their country for more.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks, Kathleen,

I agree. If President Trump's lawyers don't have the goods, they are all liable to lawsuits and being disbarred. John Zmarik has a great article. He worked with Powell and knows her to be honest and professional. I plan to get her book, Licensed to Lie. You can read Zmirak's article at

Susan said...

After watching Josh Philip of Epoch Times do a remarkably astute, articulate, live-streamed Q&A on all aspects of current events about 3 weeks ago, I decided to take advantage of their low priced introductory offer, but will continue to support them as long as they fearlessly report the facts and not cave to pressure from big tech lefties and other evil forces. Josh gave me hope that, even as we lose great conservative voices like Rush Limbaugh, there are other young, talented intellectuals ready to take up the charge for freedom against the communist New World Order elites attempting an anti-God Great Reset. I love Epoch Times! They deserve the shout out!