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Monday, November 16, 2020

New MAGA Party rising

If the foul left thinks that we, the free people of a free nation, will lie down like doormats and live under Communism they are more mindless than we think. Never underestimate the audacity of evil, however, the evil ones underestimate the spirit of a free people willing to fight for their liberty. This is AMERICA. We have guns, we know how to use them, we will fight and we will win. The new MAGA Party is forming.

These videos are of President Trump's motorcade on Saturday, November 14th, driving through the cheering crowd at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC where there was a March for Trump held in protest of the Communist Democrats' massive election fraud.


rohrbachs said...

Those gop votes were not for warp speed vaccine nor Trump's National emergency, they were for gop created equal, and many were holding their nose for Trump's personal peccadilloes. Don't test our patience by making this into a personality cult. "Created Equal" has far more potential to abolish abortion than any single man, and gop owns that via lincoln and its perennial platform. The only reason many voted gop was comparing platforms, not candidates.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Rohrbachs - I voted for the man, not the party, in 2016 and 2020. Think what you will about President Trump while remembering Christ's words - Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. You must be a pure individual and on the Monopoly board of life, upon passing from this world, go straight to Heaven without going to Purgatory jail for awhile. Lucky you. Meanwhile, Trump is getting America back to her foundation...when BTW...there was no "abortion law of the land".

And don't, as you said, "test my patience" by pretending this is NOT a personality cult. The man is a rock which means that he is a real manly man and not an insipid political hack. He cannot be bought since he doesn't need more money. And he doesn't need the job of President of the United States. But we need him. He has stood up for America and us against the massive encroaching evil of both the left and the right. He has not sold America out to the EU or China or the UN. He has also gained the hatred of Bergoglio who hates Capitalism, all orthodox Catholics, Tradition, nations, love of country, and God, therefore ipso facto any man so loathed by Bergoglio must be a good person.

AMalek said...

Exactly right, Susan. Adults vote for platforms, but this President is fantastic. This constant criticism of Trump’s ‘personality’ is getting old. No one had a problem with his personality or hairstyle before he was President, so spare me. Trump is the embodiment of our freedom and he clearly has many graces added to his already brilliant strategies.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Acolyte -
Um...that would be "You are not running ANYTHING". Remember Eliza Doolittle's lessons!

And yes, I was taught as a mere sapling how to use a gun by my father and brother. My mother was a great shot. She used to skin the fish (catfish are skinned), squirrels and bullfrogs (yes, I murdered bullfrogs with a frog-gig at the pond "down yonder") we brought home and plopped on the table. Pretty neat for the finely raised lady who was my mother. My father and brother hunted out West and brought home venison and elk meat each year.

I remember that my mother would chop off the meaty legs of the bullfrogs and put them in the freezer until such time there was enough for a meal. When she put them in the frying pan they jumped and twitched for a few seconds - even after they were dead and frozen! ....much like the live lobsters she would toss in a huge pot of boiling water to cook. We could hear them scratching and clawing the sides of the huge pot until they died. Then we ate them. I mean, really. While you go hunting for food at the local supermarket walking up and down the meat aisles choosing which dead animal to eat, where on earth do you think they came from?

Meanwhile, no one in my family ever stomped on a person's head after they were face down and bleeding in the street from being sucker punched in the head by someone thinking just like you, Acolyte. Would you do that to me...punch me in the face and stomp on my head?

You would because of your deep-seated anger. But people who have been trained since childhood to defend themselves - and provide for themselves - while they will not initiate the fight like your side, will not go quietly into the night without fighting back. So, beware.

Hillbillies! Hahahahah! Yeah. This deplorable hillbilly is Jed Clampett's kin, although Buddy Ebsen did live in Orlando and was Danish like my father.

So you try to stomp on my head. Come on.... I dare you.