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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Stop the Bickering and Stand With Archbishop Vigano, Warrior, Shepherd, Friend

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is a hero, a warrior, disciple, and friend, who knows how to truly love his enemies.

I want to begin by clarifying the difference between modesty, privacy, and secrecy. 

Modesty requires us to not reveal in public the parts of our bodies and our behavior that is not meant to be disclosed.  Nudity, for example. Sexy revealing attire worn to attract lustful attention. Kissing.  Fawning a lover’s shoulder or neck.  Vulgar dancing.

Privacy applies to the things we do behind closed doors that may be virtuous, but are nevertheless none of anyone’s business.  Bathing, using a toilet, sleeping with a spouse, discussing personal conflicts or opinions with a trusted friend or confessor. 

Secrecy on the other hand is hiding something.  A magician hides what he doesn’t want you to see.  A liar hides the truth.  A gossip monger thrives on knowing something he should not know.  A thief keeps secret what he has no right to own or possess.  Liars live in secret, in darkness, in fear of being exposed.  They don’t want to be “found out.”  Occasionally there are reasons to keep a secret, such as a wrapped gift soon to be opened, or the announcement of an engagement, or an upcoming military mission where lives are at stake. 

Generally speaking however, secrecy is necessary only for those who are up to “no good.”  This includes the Vatican, which has for decades operated in secret on many things the laity have not been privy.  We’ve been “protected” you see, by people who just don’t want “our faith shaken” over sticky little details the hierarchy can work out without us ever knowing.  Or not work out, in many cases and only left to fester in hopes they will disappear over time and no longer be a problem.  Move along.  Nothing to see. 

The Vatican created the concept of keeping secret those things that might give fodder to the enemies of the Church who hope only for its demise.  This makes sense if the weaknesses or flaws are properly addressed so that the vulnerabilities of the Church are healed and eliminated as quickly as possible.  If this would “scandalize” the Church if non-believers knew about it, they say, then it must be kept from the public.  The Church has real enemies and they never miss the opportunity to make hay of our failures and shortcomings.  It is therefore understandable that in some cases, it is better to manage a problem internally and swiftly than to air the sin in public.  However, the fact secrecy has been given approval, and can be used, has allowed many things, horrendous things, ugly corrupt sinful things, to be hidden that have not helped the Church, but caused it to rot from the inside out.  Filth must be rooted out.  Crime must be addressed and not tolerated.  Greed and corruption must be brought to light and eliminated. 

There is only one truth, but in the Vatican there are two ways of looking at things.  For all of us, filth is filth and crime is crime and thievery and waste is thievery and waste, but for those with the privilege of papal secrecy, these things are only given a wink and a nod.  They may say, tsk tsk, isn’t it awful, but do nothing about it.  That might cause “scandal” so we must never touch it.  Give it another hundred years and it will go away.  We’ll all be dead by then and who will remember?  Besides, I might lose the affection of my fellow bishops or cardinals if I say something or do something.  I have to live with these people after all.  Let someone else be the one to risk his reputation and position and precious apartment and travel perks.  I will opt for the “secrecy card” and have it be said of me, I was a loyal friend of the Church. 

Today Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is being demonized by the “secret keepers” and in turn by lay people who are upset over the “tone” he uses, or the “attitude” of disrespect and what they believe is a failure of loyalty to the pope.  In my not so humble opinion, Vigano is the most admirable man and most faithful servant in the whole Church today.  He has put down his power and comfort to lift up the truth no matter the cost to him personally, or the future material prosperity of the Roman Catholic Church as we know it.  This makes dishonest people very nervous.  Light is shined on their lack of faith and their worldly desires.  Correction is painful, but we can grow when we embrace suffering and we can be cleansed and restored when we admit wrongdoing.  Unfortunately, Vigano has found few if any real friends, in this world, willing to stand with him for the sake of the countless victims of abuse and abandonment and the salvation of millions of souls that will be lost if the Church continues to rot. 

I just finished reading Robert Moynihan’s book, Finding Vigano.  The history in it of the Vigano Testimony and subsequent responses by Vigano to accusations is good historical reading and is fairly presented in the book.  Maybe the only fair shot Vigano has been given up to this point.  Anyone who has followed his most recent public letters can see that nothing matters anymore to Vigano than the preservation of the Church and the salvation of his own soul and the souls of others, including the pope, whom he continues to pray for. 

The most misunderstood statement by Vigano is his call for the pope to resign, but a careful reading of what he said will clear that up if anyone takes the time to read what he actually said.  Quote:

“In this extremely dramatic moment for the universal Church, he must acknowledge his mistakes and, in keeping with the proclaimed principle of zero tolerance, Pope Francis must be the first to set a good example for cardinals and bishops who covered up McCarrick’s abuses and resign along with all of them.” 

How you look at this depends on whether you simply want the Corporation of the Vatican to remain solvent and continue to exist or you want the Body of Christ cleansed and those in danger of losing their souls to eternal damnation, if they don’t repent, to be saved, by acknowledging their guilt and accepting the just punishment that any of us would be given under the circumstances.  This isn’t about losing your job title.  It is about going to hell and dragging millions of people in there with you. 

God bless Carlo Maria Vigano.  Praise him, all you holy men and women in heaven above. 


Fr. VF said...

The Satanists who have been running the Vatican for about 60 years flourish under the code of silence like mold under a wet bathmat.

I have long thought that when JPII realized he was surrounded by Satanists, he should have gone to the window of his apartment and said to the world: "I am surrounded by Satanists! Help!" Instead, he allowed the Satanists to threaten and bully him for 27 years, because, of course, the laity are cattle and must not be stampeded.

The same goes for Benedict. He should have published the massive dossier on the Lavender Mafia and the Satanists that was handed to him in 2012. Instead, he resigned--and no reasonable person, imho, doubts he was coerced.

Both popes spent a considerable amount of time complaining about their powerlessness in the face of a gang--every one of whom could be fired by the pope and sent to Tierra del Fuego without notice and without recourse.

Susan Matthiesen said...

McCarrick's sodomite career began when he was 15 years old when he was expelled from XAVIER HIGH SCHOOL IN NYC for reasons never disclosed. No one has ever asked Xavier for the files. Nor has anyone asked for Fordham Prep's records as to how McCarrick, after poor grades and truancy at, and expulsion from Xavier, was admitted to Fordham Prep. What did he do for those 18 months from May 1946 to September 1947? Was Cardinal Nellie Spellman's sodomite mafia grooming Teddy? Promising him all the sex he wanted with protection from the hierarchy if he did their Communist bidding? How else could Teddy have gotten into Fordham Prep and suddenly zoomed to the top of his class, graduating in 1949 with 4 superiors and being named Fordham Prep's "Whiz Kid of 1949"? (I have a copy of their "Whiz Kid" page from their website before it was removed when McCarrick was defrocked a few years ago.)

All the rest of McCarrick's career being examined now means nothing if no one looks into the BEGINNING of his rise to power. I tell you - IT BEGAN WHEN HE WAS EXPELLED FROM XAVIER. Someone with power needs to go to Xavier and demand McCarrick's files and grade reports and the reason for his expulsion (was he caught in a homosexual relationship with a classmate or priest there then groomed for the priesthood as a willing pawn of the sodomite mafia in the Catholic Church?). Then they need to go to Fordham Prep and look at who signed off on his entrance papers in 1947.