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Monday, November 9, 2020

The Integrity Over the Vote Needs to Be Assured: If Biden Won Fairly, He Won, But Did He?

I received this email today from Rip McIntosh at Turning Point USA. 

Check out the videos. There's plenty of evidence coming out that the Democrats are attempting to steal the election. There need to be audits in every county that used the Dominion Voting System to tabulate results. How many "glitches" in other counties, counties in all the swing states that used the Dominion Computer System, transformed Trump votes into Biden votes? The integrity of elections is central to maintaining our constitutional republic. Demand transparency and an investigation. 

I received the following this morning, and because it has the earmarks of veracity, I pass it along for your consideration.
Frankly, in my 84 years I have never considered our nation would be slung so low as to be a witness to that which is now swirling about us all.
After looking at these two video’s I am in total shock. The Justice Department must operate at warp speed to get this verified and out to the public. The votes and tabulating machines must be seized by the FBI in those states mentioned.
Technology has taken over our democracy and big Tech and others need to be brought to justice.
More about this from Lou Dobbs' show:


rohrbachs said...

Funny that warp speed should be mentioned. If trump fumbles proving election fraud like he fumbled covid, we are cooked, despite what may be his best intentions.

Unknown said...

Ok, Trump won and let’s say this is proven and “integrity of the system” is reestablished.
Warp forward 4 years and consider the change in demographics that has shifted our nation the last 30 years. There cannot be any more Republican presidents. The vote will be continually increasing for Godless globalist social welfare policies and mob rule will be now institutional.
Will you accept such rule under this godless government because the vote integrity is assured?