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Sunday, November 1, 2020

In Addition to the Catholic Church, Communist China Owns Joe Biden 100%

Thanks to "Pope"(?) Francis, the Catholic Church is now owned by Communist China.
Joe Biden (and the entire Biden crime family) is 100% owned by Communist China.
Catholic ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was 100% owned by Communist China.
The Leftist USCCB and Deep Church encourage Catholics to Vote for "Catholic" Joe.
If Joe Biden sits in the White House we will become Communist America
and totally owned by Communist China.
Crucifixes in Catholic churches will come down and be replaced by pictures of 
Mao and Xi Jinping, as has already happened in Communist China.
The US media is Communist. Hollywood is Communist. 
The Democrat Party is Communist. 
Old Joe, the "Big Guy" referred to in Communist documents is a 
money-grubbing thug who has made millions from Communist China.
He does not care about America but only how much money 
the Communists will give him for selling America out.

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