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Monday, November 1, 2021

Both Google and the NEA flaunt their demonic transgender c _ _ p

Here's a guess where Google's story came from

Like a foal with a deadly case of scours (diarrhea) both Google and the National Education Association (NEA) spew out the filthy transgender agenda from the depths of their bowels, spreading their diseased c _  _ p to vulnerable children, not to mention foolish parents fully lapping up the devil's soup, in order to kill any decency left in man.

Today's Google has THIS c _ _ p!! The vile story is complete with the idiotic trans pronouns and glorifies dissent against God. It's Native American month so we must all learn about transgender Indians and how they were revered members of the if there were no red-blooded male Indians anywhere on the plains, and if there were, they admired their transgendered betters. 

This in-your-face filthy universal transgender agenda is everywhere. Look at our schools. With business as usual, the NEA continues poisoning the minds of American children. Just now looking on the Internet one NEA article popped up where a child who was born a girl but thinks she's a boy says, as if all children are transgendered, "I'm a normal kid, no different than anybody else." Is that so?

That mentality means that God made all children opposite of what they really are. God got it wrong, so children must be taught that girls must be boys and boys must be girls.

Five years ago I wrote an article on Les Femmes about the transgender child on the front of their Winter 2016 edition of NEA Today, the flagship publication of the teachers' union with a current circulation of 2.4 million plus digital content accessible to the entire planet. The article can no longer be found by googling since the algorithms (or whatever) have been manipulated however it's still on Les Femmes (but with links and pictures removed by the Tech Gods of the Universe).

This "woman" is a teacher

The NEA drips their disgusting transgender poison into every classroom in America, trickling into the minds and souls of our children. It's demonic.

Do you know how to cure a foal that has scours and on the verge of death? I do. Once a highly expensive foal where I first learned to gallop race horses was dying from foal-heat scours. After various modern medicines were given the little baby horse with no results, they called in another vet - one who had been around a long time and had seen just about all there was to see in the curing of horses. 

He knew that the foal had no bacteria in its body so took the mother's manure, mixed it with a bit of water and tubed it through the foal's nose directly into the its stomach. A few days later the foal was fine.

Possibly someone should take the Truth of life and tube it directly into the stomachs of evil people so that, in digestion, their minds will level off and become normal, thereby able to ingest goodness instead of satanic evil.

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