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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Sometimes They Accidentally Tell the Truth! "Transgender Women" Must Register for the Draft, but NOT "Transgender Men!"

You can only suppress the truth for so long. When reality conflicts with the woke "reality," which is really a denial of reality, it ultimately knocks you up the side of the head. A lot of "transgender" people are learning that as they come to the horrible realization that they've destroyed their bodies and it was a big mistake!

Denial of reality is what insanity is all about. If someone hands you a mud pie and tells you to enjoy his fresh-baked delicious apple pie, you know he's got a screw loose unless he's six years old and playing "let's pretend." At some point people wake least I hope they do...because believing things that aren't true can get you in serious trouble -- like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute because you think you're Superman. 

Truth is beautiful! It shines like the sun. Falsehood, on the other, is like a swamp, murky and fetid. But, at the same time, sometimes the dichotomy between truth and the lie makes you laugh. Love the true, the good, and the beautiful and help to spread it. Our insane culture needs it! 

And now a few doses of truth.

Men are men even when they pretend to be women!
Transgender Women Must Register For the Draft But Not Transgender Men
And then there are the other truths coming out. 

The wicked U.S. Cardinals want a revolution more radical than the Protestant revolt of Luther.
Pope Francis’ American cardinals are pro-LGBT revolutionaries with a radical agenda for the Church

I've known this one for years. I'm glad to see Matt Walsh shining the spotlight on it! 

Planned Parenthood told us what it was going to do: Matt Walsh flags 1969 depopulation memo

Who's really in Schism? Hint: It's not the SSPX!

Cardinal Müller: Belgian bishops’ homosexual ‘blessings’ are ‘heresy and schism’

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