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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Take Jesus to the Streets! Witness to an Unbelieving World!

As I watched these Eucharistic Processions, I wondered whether this will become illegal at some point. Crazy thought? In England, a town has already banned making the sign of the cross, reading Scripture, praying audibly or using holy water in a "safe zone" around an abortion business. (Source) Let us continue to worship publicly while we still can. No doubt the godless tyrants of the United States are already considering how they can stop such public displays of faith that are so anti-social. 


In Manhattan October 11th in conjunction with events commemorating Vatican II. Read about it here. 

In Budapest during the Eucharistic Congress in 2021.

From Mass of the Ages movie.


Anonymous said...

Our parish had a wonderful Corpus Christi procession this summer. Here's a link to the video. The accompanying music is horrible, but people can watch the video with the sound turned off.

Debbie said...

Yes! Looking forward to our Procession this Sunday.

Chris is King! Deo gratias!

newguy40 said...

That is pretty phenomenal and beyond my experience. Both the NO "parish" and SSPX chapel will never ever process off Church property. When I asked both "pastors" they both told me that they did it cuz all the old folks couldnt manage? Heck, I'm 62!!! Sorta dumbfounded by those answers....