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Monday, October 17, 2022

Monday Morning Musings While Watching a Dancing Candle Flame

I start my day with prayer and the first thing I do after dipping my finger in the holy water fount and making the sign of the cross is to light a candle. I love to watch the flame flicker and dance inviting me to enter into the joy of worship. It reminds me of the expression "Chance or the Dance." Did all the wonder of creation come about through the mindless randomness of evolution? Or did it not come from the overflowing love of the Holy Trinity embracing humanity in an enthusiastic and joyful dance? 

I have no doubt of the answer!

Every wallflower with downcast eyes sees the hand stretching out to take hers and, lifting her eyes she sees the love light in the eyes of Christ. Every man wounded on the field of battle sees the chaplain coming through the smoke to offer him solace and hope.

When I look up from the candle I see my doll cabinet and imagine all the people around the world gathered for the holy Mass from every nation and race. 

I rejoice in the Body of Christ: the Church Triumphant praying for those of us still immersed in the struggle, my brothers and sisters suffering in Purgatory dependent on our intercession, and all those still on the field of battle in the Church Militant. We are all united under Christ our King.

And so I'm starting my week by walking with the saint whose feast we celebrate today, St. Margaret Mary, and beg her to help me to draw closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and make this week and every week a journey that brings me closer to heaven. 

Don't forget to dance along the road!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

St. Margaret Mary, pray for us.

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