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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

When the World is Falling Apart, Take Time Out to do Something Normal. Build Memories with Your Children and Grandchildren.

One of my favorite October events is dinner in a pumpkin.

 Last Sunday we had a family party and invited everybody to bring a pumpkin to decorate or carve. Nobody took us up on that, even our daughter who suggested it. I had to laugh when she and her children arrived with no pumpkins. Our son's family had a late sports event with their second grader and arrived shortly before dinner, so they anticipated no time for pumpkin family. And our other daughter's family had already decorated their pumpkins. So other activities, mostly catching up on everyone's news took precedence. [Read more here.]

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Katie said...

How lovely for you and your family! I am blessed that my parents and in-law got along so well that we often had dinner parties with both sets of grandparents for our children.

Have a good day,