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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

"The West is obsessed with world domination" - Lavrov

 The following article appeared in TASS Russian News Agency, 10/25/2022

West ramps up arms supplies to Kiev
in bid to destroy Russia — Lavrov

The top diplomat stressed that the US-led collective West, 
"obsessed with world domination," had unleashed a "total hybrid
 war" against Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

MOSCOW, October 25. /TASS/. The US-led West is pushing ahead with a hybrid war against Russia and, in an effort to ruin the country, is increasing arms supplies and providing intelligence to the Kiev regime, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in his address to the plenary session of the 24th World Russian People's Council, read out by the Foreign Ministry’s special ambassador, Gennady Askoldovich.

"The West is using [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky’s criminal Russophobic regime as one of the levers to contain our country. We see Washington and its NATO allies increasing the supplies of lethal weapons to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, sharing intelligence data with them and recruiting foreign mercenaries to send to Ukraine. All this, in one way or another, makes them parties to the conflict," Lavrov’s address reads.
He stressed that the US-led collective West, "obsessed with world domination," has unleashed a "total hybrid war" against Russia.
"Our enemies do not hide their real aims: to destroy the Russian economy, undermine domestic political stability, defeat us on the battlefield, and ultimately significantly weaken or even destroy our centuries-old national statehood," Lavrov said.
This is the reason, he said, why the ideologists of "cancel culture rule the roost in the West with respect to Russia."
"All restrictions on any actions against us have been lifted. The haters of the multi-ethnic Russian people feel they are free to take any liberty," Lavrov explained.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, "the West" has been hijacked by the WEF, and we know who they are. So this is not exactly correct. An awful lot of the actual population in "the West" wants no part of war with Russia, even may have no animosity toward Putin at all (after all, WEF-"advised" the Biden regime has done more to destroy the US than Putin!), and sees the massive money transfers to Ukraine as money laundering and looting out what is left of America by the WEF as they import less uppity 3rd world replacement slaves across undefended US borders. It is the WEF that is obsessed with world domination, not the American people.

Vox Cantoris said...

There are spheres of influence. America needs to back off. It is not the ruler of the world.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Anonymous, it's the WEF-Davos-Obama-Clinton-Soros-Biden-Deep State et al running the EU and the US who want Western world domination, not the American people.

Anonymous said...

Frank's "Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary" was a failure! Like all previous Consecrations because the pope's did not Consecrate Russia like Our Lady asked for... People better be very careful what they wish for! Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

Susan Matthiesen said...

Anonymous - ...or maybe JPII's Consecration was accepted by heaven with the result of Russia's conversion (in 1917 Russia was just beginning 70 years of Communism) since Russia is now - 70 years later - a Christian nation, while the US definitely is no longer Christian.

However, let's not get into the Fatima controversy here. Let's just admit that the collective West wants to destroy Russia in order to plunder and control Russia's vast resources in order to rule the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Susan... I will agree with you... let's just focus on what the crooked collective West wants and that is to destroy Russia while the Ukraine goes mad with their so called president. God bless you and thanks for commenting on my comment! :)

newguy40 said...

I think that TPTB have decided that there will be a war with USA active combat. Did you see how the progressive caucus w AOC recanted their rather luke warm letter? Bernie Sanders out supporting the war. No one is allowed to deviate or swift punishment will come. What ever preparations can be made, should do so asap. My job is in a prime targeting site for Russian nukes. I'll just quote Fr Z here and reiterate his advice. "Get to confession now" I'll also candidly say that I've been thinking about quitting this job and getting home. I've got some good mountains between my home and silicon valley. And, I've always been a bit of a prep'er.

Sviatoslav said...

"Domination of the world" - Russian domination of the world is worse than the American one, hence why Balts, Poles and Romanians fled into the arms of NATO. "The West wants to destroy us" - the West send humanitarian aid to Russia in the 90's, when the inept Soviet leadership (which is idolized by Putin) economically defeated themselves. If the West wanted to destroy Russia the traditional way, it would roll Russia over in a blitz just like the USA did with Iraq. The truth is that Russia, an imperialist third world craphole, still sees the world in the pre-19th century. Where great colonial powers decide everything - and those untermenschen little nations like Ukraine and Georgia can go die in a fire. To this day, Russia does not understand why Westerners are, by large, disgusted at their war in Ukraine - because Russia never outgrew colonialism. I've got a huge laugh out of Susan's comment, too - "The West wants to destroy Russia to control it's natural resources". Um... Russian economy is built on export of these Russian national resources... To the West. With Western technology - and most of the revenues from that don't go to the lowly hoi polloi, but for the purchase mansions and yachts of the oligarchs, which are, again, bought in the West. The West already destroyed Russia by providing it's rapacious ruling class with petrodollars. The corruption proved to be so destructive to Russia that even it's army cannot perform it's objectives against a country that didn't have an army for the most part of it's recent independence. "Russia is Christian" - you really think that Kirill "Gunya" Gunsyaev (a KGB agent and a tobacco oligarch) and the rest of the similarly atheistic cosplayer bishops and priests of Muscoite Orthodoxy are Christian? They are, perhaps, in a way of a given modern liberal Protestant state-ruled denomination that will never fail to demonize what the current ruling American Communist demonize. That's why there are still "faithful Russian Orthodox Christians" going to Lenin's Mausoleum. Perhaps, somebody will tell me that this kind of idolatry is Christianity?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I can always count on you for a laugh Sviatoslav. This was right on target:

"most of the revenues...don't go to the lowly hoi polloi, but for the purchase mansions and yachts of the oligarchs, which are, again, bought in the West."

Here's some info about Zelensky's net worth:

"How much is the net worth of Volodymyr Zelensky?
Volodymyr Zelensky is a Ukrainian politician, former actor, and comedian who has been president of the country since 2019. Volodymyr Zelensky’s net worth is expected to be $96 million by 2022. In 2018, his property was worth approximately 37 million hryvnias (approximately $1.5 million USD). His current monthly salary is $1 million, which equates to an annual salary of more than $12 million.... He currently lives a lavish lifestyle and recently paid $370,000 USD for a brand-new Mercedes-Benz G-Class. He also owns a Tesla Model S worth more than $100,000 USD. Zelenskyy owns a Jaguar XF valued at $125,000 USD, an Audi Q2 valued at $80,000 USD, and a BMW X9 valued at $150,000 USD."

Before his election he secretly transferred some of his holdings to an associate. And of course there are all the unaccounted for billions going from American taxpayers to one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. How much ended up in Zelensky and his buddies' pockets.

But, hey! Zelensky isn't corrupt or living off Ukraine's "hoi-polloi." He's living off America's "hoi-polloi."

And then there are all the revelations from the Pandora Papers.

War is hell for the poor people of any country. I pray for an end to it every day!

Sviatoslav said...

Well... Mary, if there's any corruption going on pertaining to the funds that are sent to Ukraine - it's not on our end, but on the American one. And before looking at this sort of thing and accusing Ukraine, I advice looking not at the clown, but at the real movers and shakers - Igor Kolomoyskiy (he seems to have his own problems these days, with FBI blacklisting him and his closest partners-in-crime for that 5.5 billion-dollar Ponzi scheme). This kind of thing also happened to Dmytro Firtash - himself one of the proud politically-active oligarchs of Ukraine, who is now reduced to squatting in Austria), Viktor Pinchuk (this Dnipropetrovsk clan parasite styles himself as a philantropist who is usually found in the company of equally fake philantropists like Bill Clinton and Warren Buffet), Rinat Akhmetov (this gangster has practically all of Donbas in his pockets and his net worth makes the rest of these guys look like chump change - Rinat was the puppetmaster to the Party of Regions/Yanukovich and is now one of the puppet masters to Zelensky's government (through he's licking his wounds somewhat as Russian devastation of Donbas, well, also devastated his holdings and displaced the people he placed in the local oblasts' governments). The worst part is that this guy is all but impossible to get rid of or even bring his dirty laundry to light - he uses UK slander and press laws (and a very good team of lawyers) to proverbially bludgeon anybody who tries to publish anything regarding his financial machinations and his background as an avtoritet (translated as "authority" - in the Bratva and it's ethnic variants, this rank is akin to the capo of Italian/Sicilian mafia) in the Tatar/Dnipropetrovsk clan mafia. You won't catch him doing mistakes like trying to launder money right in the view of American government agencies, either - he sticks strictly to Ukraine).

Zelensky's corruption is a given, through a part of why you're having so much difficulties with helping us can be attributed to the fact that Zelensky's govt embezzled from and closed down as many Ukrainian avenues of defence (such as weapons and munitions factories) as he could in a preparation to fold before Russia. Biden expected this too. The plan was to toss us to the wolves and keep doing business with Putin while supporting only low-level insurgency (hence the lack of tanks and planes and abundance of basic infantry stuff and light artillery) - the plan fell through when the world's media saw Ukrainian soldiers doing all that's possible to resist the cruel Russian army (which was unprepared, both in logistics and in the goals of the operation - being a KGB man first and foremost, Putin wanted to pull what the Soviets did in Prague with the tank columns). Seeing that the ordinary Western people (who don't really believe in "realpolitic" of doing business with a state that promised to wipe Ukrainians off the map) begun to support Ukraine, all the European and American politicos suddenly were on our side - and the politicos of Zelensky's govt (who hid like mice for two weeks and waited for who would win) suddenly became "heroes who didn't run away". It's a bad situation, but we can't surrender. This war is hell and the worst part is that the guy who can end the war single-handedly... Is the one who wants us either as direct part of his empire or a "de-factor Russia with the official name of Ukraine", as he's done to Belarus. Thank you for your prayers, Mary - may God's will be done.