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Monday, October 17, 2022

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Pope Extends the Synod on Synodality....Hmmm.

Why? Because of course!
Well this is interesting. 

Pope Francis Announces Decision to Extend Synod on Synodality to 2024 

One immediately wonders....WHY the extension? Could it be that developments warn the Vatican that things are moving too fast -- that growing opposition indicates the next synodal assault on the faith faces mass resistance? Hmm....

Is it time to back up a step and regroup and let people go back to sleep? Perhaps the other synods deconstructing the faith woke up too many Catholics. Maybe it's time to let the dust settle while the long-term agenda is allowed to simmer quietly for awhile. Whisper campaigns, nibbling at doctrines instead of taking huge bites may be a good temporary strategy.

Masons and Communists have one thing in common. They take the long view. What's another decade if the result can be more successfully implemented.

After all, maybe a time out is in order when a cardinal of the Church, a former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (2012-2017), declares that the synod represents a "hostile takeover of the Church of Jesus Christ....We must resist?" 

And then there are those pesky "rad trads" who show no sign of caving in to the ban on the Traditional Latin Mass. Blow some more opium smoke. Put everybody back to sleep while the "hermeneutic of modernism" is fostered among ignorant, dumbed-down Catholics for another two years. They may be more amenable then to accepting women priests, contraception, and Protestant saints. 

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CC Pour said...

Whenever the term 'synodality' passes Francis' lips, it is almost invariably followed shortly thereafter by some exercise of unilateral authority.