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Monday, November 28, 2022

Africa is the biggest country in the world!!

The Thinker
by Auguste Rodin

1) Recently at work a 20 year-old young man and I were talking about Russia and Ukraine. When I said that Russia is the biggest country in the world he said, "No it isn'tAfrica is the biggest country in the world." I was saddened by his lack of geographical knowledge since he's graduated from high school. I gently said, "Africa is a continent, not a country." 

2) For months one of the bosses at work has clipped 2 ink pens between 2 of the buttons on the front of his shirt. The pens are blue and yellow. He puts the blue pen above the yellow pen. Blue and yellow are the colors of Ukraine's flag seen in every liberal's yard for the past 2 years. I wondered if the 2 pens were his subtle way of signaling that he's on Ukraine's side. Last week I stopped him as he was walking by.

Me: Excuse me.
Him: Yes?
Me: I take it you're on Ukraine's side.
Him: ???
Me: I've been noticing the pens on your shirt there are blue and yellow, with the blue color above the yellow color just like Ukraine's flag and wondered if that's your way of saying you're on Ukraine's side. I'm on Russia's side.
Him: You're very observant. But, this is just me clipping the pens to my shirt in case I need them. Not really any message of anything. Just what I do.
Me: Oh. Ok. Thank you. I was just wondering.

The next day he had the yellow pen above the blue one and after that pens of various other colors.

3) One day a customer blurted out to me: "I'd kill Putin with my bare hands if I could!!" I said, "Sounds as if you've been listening to the MSM. You know, of course, that the Ukraine killed 15,000 Russians in the Donbas in the past 8 years and that Ukraine is notoriously Nazified. You know...they're Nazis, with  swastikas on their army uniforms." 

He said he had not heard or read that anywhere. I suggested he stop listening to the MSM and gave him a few news outlets where he could get "the other side of the story" and make up his OWN mind what to believe, and not have his opinions formed by CNN or the NYT.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was trying to subtly make the point that America is a continent not a country and it should be broken up into multiple countries.

Andrew Dunn said...

I live in the heart of a deep blue, big American city. I LOVE walking around my neighborhood with the Russian flag pinned to my shirt. I think that makes my neighbors angrier than it did when I walked around without a mask during the height of the plannedemic.

jose guadalupe rodriguez said...

Mr. Dunn, "walking around without a facemask" is something irrelevant, however, doing it "during the height of the plandemic" is something great that speaks volumes of your value and integrity. God bless you!

Cynthia said...

I think maybe he is just as uneducated as the majority of young Americans are these days. I teach freshmen in High School, and believe me, many of them don’t know a continent from a country. I call it “the cell phone addiction effect”.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Andrew Dunn. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Its because Americans pretend this whole continent can be one country. Its because teachers don't teach the truth that the states are the countries and the federal government is just a leach on top of them.

Susie said...

Ukraine not "Nazified." Hearing you claim this lie as truth is devastating to my memory of you, my sister. Wishing you light and removal of blinders. Jesus said, love your enemy. Take the plank out of your own eye. Judge not...this blog is antithetical to the teachings of Christ. Church Mitant is an oxymoron. 💔