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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Looking for a New Investment? Funeral Homes are Doing Great!

And they expect to keep on keepin' on. See Alex Berenson's Report. The funeral business used to be "slow growth." Not anymore. People are dropping dead right and left. And all-cause deaths are way up! Here's a bit from the article:

If you go back in this industry and particularly with SCI, year-to-year you would see the numbers of deaths -- probably in one year you may be down 1% or 2%, in the next year you're up 1% or 2% which you could predict was pretty good accuracy over a year and over a big footprint like ours what was probably going to happen… 2020 comes along, Covid, game-changer, right. We're having to do at one point of time 20 percent more funerals which is unheard of in a year versus, let's say, a year or two before.

So Service Corporation expected that once Covid passed, its business would go back to normal…

What we would have expected is, why wouldn't we go back towards, let's say, a 2019 level, maybe you get a percent or so growth of 2019, I would expect that. So that would be a reasonable level that we think would stabilize. And that's kind of what we anticipated...

Only that’s not what has happened.

What we're telling you is, the third quarter of this year, we did 15% more calls than we did in the third quarter of 2019. That is not what anybody would have anticipated and that has just a very de minimis amount of Covid deaths [emphasis added] in it.

So people are dying right and left, but not from Covid. The elephant in the room is tippy-toed around because...hey!...who wants to be cancelled and accused of peddling "misinformation" by know what! 

There's a 40% increase in "all-cause deaths" since 2021: 270% increase in myocarditis -- 470% increase in pulmonary embolisms -- lots of increases in other problems: infertility, miscarriages, etc. -- Watch the 8-minute video interview with Dr. Kelly Victory. Don't ask! Oh...and note that this is among young people from 18 to 49-year-olds. What happened in 2021 to cause this? Hmmm...who knows? 

Again -- Watch the video interview with Dr. Kelly Victory. The CDC is trying to silence people and note the reaction to her innocuous tweet just asking what changed in calendar year 2021 to increase serious medical conditions including malformation in babies, cancers, etc.? 

Scientists are supposed to "look at patterns" and do "the deep dive analysis." If the problem is the vaccine which "could be responsible" it "deserves to be fully examined."

Omigosh...shut that woman up immediately. Take away her medical license like they're doing to Dr. Peter Malone. 

Pray for the courageous doctors who are, unlike Fauci, real scientists, not government flunkies in bed with and covering up for Big Pharma. Here's one.

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  1. I no longer live there but I do read the online version of my hometown newspaper every morning. Typical of a small town newspaper, they publish FULL-LENGTH obituaries 2x a week and that means all the deceased's relatives, what they enjoyed doing, and either how they died or a memorial donation which indicates how they died. Over the past year, I have been noticing a startling amount of people in their 50s, 40s, 30s and 20s in the obituaries with no cause of death mentioned. Today, I saw the obituary of someone I was in junior high school with. He was older than me but still only 55. He "died unexpectedly at home." He is the seventh person I was in school with - that I know of - who has died unexpectedly over the past year. And no, he was not obese and didn't seem to have any underlying conditions.