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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Who will be the next fatality?

I pray it’s no one in my family. But read this from Dr. Toby Rogers for a dose of reality:

“How long before the clot shot takes out a cabinet member or member of Congress? We already have two strokes following boosters — Senators Ben Ray Lujan and John Fetterman. Illinois Rep. Sean Carsten’s teenage daughter Gwen died unexpectedly in her sleep of a sudden cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 17 in June. These numbers are just going to keep increasing. I imagine we will see several world leaders felled by the clot shot in the coming year. We live in the dumbest of all possible universes.”

Check out Dr. Rogers sub stack page at


  1. The husband of a friend of mine was just hospitalized for a stroke due to a blood clot. Like me he is no spring chicken but none the less pretty clean health history. My friend told me that when her husband posed the question to his brother about the possible connection between the clot shot and the blood clot his brother flew off the handle. "JUST SHUT UP, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VACCINE AND I PLAN TO GET MY BOOSTER NEXT MONTH AS I HAD PLANNED!!!" How do you battle this thorough job of brain washing by the U.S. government assisted by their bed mates the main stream media. Why do people now refuse to do their own thinking preferring to let someone else do that heavy lifting? Talk about sheep.

  2. I think most members of Congress and other "important people" received saline jabs. Justin Bieber, JJ Watt, the congressman's daughter made the mistake of getting the normal people shot.

    I'm also noticing that "Brief illness" is taking the place of "died suddenly".

  3. A blood clotting disease runs in our family. It hit John with a stroke and an autoimmune disease both related to a blood clotting problem. Long before covid! Some of our daughters have had miscarriages because of a blood clotting disorder - long before covid. I suspect if we lose anyone in our family due to blood clots it will be because of that, not covid.

  4. I know you are true believer, Susie. And no doubt you hold Fauci in adoration, but blood clots aren’t the only cause of sudden death from the deathvax. Myocarditis is epidemic now in the young. And infertility and infant death both before and after birth are on the rise. Maybe you should watch something besides CNN and MSNBC.

  5. I live in Sean Casten's district. He just won election, so he "represents" me in Congress. I'm a bit uneasy with that.

  6. What makes you think the controllers took the same jab as the plebs?

  7. Good point, Anonymous. I doubt if Fauci took the jab, but in view of all the doctors around the world dying suddenly, I'm sure many out there did. They trusted the men in white lab coats and Big Pharma's lies. I know too many myself, some of whom even let their children participate in the experimental research programs.

    Some members of my own extended family told me I was willing to kill people because of my opposition to being a guinea pig in the biggest lab rat game in history.

    And yet the game goes on and those who get COVID after being jabbed and boosted numerous times make the ridiculous claim that it would have been worse if they hadn't taken the jab. Well... as they say, "You can fool some of the people all of the time."