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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Fr. Tom Weighs in on Yesterday's Election. Was it Fair and Fraud Free?

Election officials around the country have had over 600 days to prepare for yesterday’s elections. Yet again, many of them in Democrat controlled areas had unsecure and malfunctioning voting machines “counting” votes (and possibly programmed to shift votes to Democrats, as they did in 2020). Also, in Arizona, apparently voters standing in line long before the polls closed (while machines were allegedly being “fixed”), were denied their right to vote, as election officials promptly closed voting sites at 7:00 PM.


This is just one more example of how “social justice” actually works. It justifies denying individuals the ability to exercise their rights for the sake of what elitists assert to be the common good of humanity.


Sadly, it also seems that the Synod on Synodality is being conducted in the same way.

Catholic are asked for input, which is then tabulated and interpreted by ecclesiastical elitists. Then, on the basis of a contrived “consensus”, these same elitists insist that we need to replace fidelity and accountability to the whole truth of God with a new paradigm of incremental capitulation to the perverse agendas of the New World Order. They allege that the modern Church must learn to “empty herself” of her “judgmental moral rigorism” and “doctrinal dogmatism”, so as to become more open to the “wisdom” being so boldly proclaimed by secular  society and the elitists of the New World Order.


Never before has the prayer, “deliver us from evil”, been so urgent.


God save us!

Fr. Tom


  1. From Zman
    The current vote totals in Pennsylvania say that about five million ballots were counted in the Senate race. The governors race, which got far less attention, garnered the same number of votes. In 2020, 6.9 million votes were counted. What this says is that close to 30% of the entities that filled out ballots in the 2020 election decided that they had no reason to fill out a ballot this time. This strongly points to the conclusion that voters were given no reason to vote for either party.

    Put another way, the polling shows that people are angry about the economy and the culture, but they did not see hope in either party. They were not even moved to strike out at the ruling party. Harry Truman famously said “If it’s a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article, every time.” In this age, given the choice between a uniparty zombie and uniparty opportunist, people will choose the zombie.

    More here:

  2. I am convinced that all lefty talk of identity politics is nothing but platitudes and pure hypocrisy. Northern Virginia (NoVA) had Republican candidates who ran the gamut of what the libtard folks like to break down as immigrant, female, Hispanic, refugee. We had Hung Cao, Yesli Vega, and Karina Lipsman. Who won in their respective races? In the words of the woke crowd, they lost to white male (in the case of Lipsman) oppressors. Vega, a female Hispanic former LEO, lost to incumbent Abigail Spanberger. Cao, a Vietnamese-American former U.S. Navy special ops captain, lost to Jennifer Wexton for whom DOCTOR (can't forget that title for her) Jill Biden stumped. Lipsman lost to Don Beyer. Lipsman for goodness' sake, arrived as a child-immigrant from Ukraine, escaping Soviet repression. What happened to all the peeps who profess to support all things Ukrainian, no questions asked?

    The NoVA results from Tuesday's races clearly demonstrate that the Left's elevation of diversity, inclusion, and equality (DIE) is all lip-service. They stuck with their incumbents, instead of voting for those candidates who embody their supposed principles. Meanwhile, the Republicans fielded candidates who represent America. Which side then truly talks the talk and walks the walk?