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Saturday, November 5, 2022

More on "Sudden Death" from Steve Kirsch

Last night I posted a video about the pandemic of "sudden death" of mostly young people in the prime of life, Steve Kirsch has an interesting follow up discussion. It's entertaining to see a know-nothing get hoisted by his own petard. Read the whole exchange at Steve Kirsch's substack. Here's the beginning:

Science lessons from self-appointed expert Chris Thompson

I hadn't heard of Chris Thompson either, but he claims to know something I don't know about the sudden deaths. So I'm hoping he'll set the record straight since he's an expert on science.

I’ve never heard of Chris Thompson before today.

He apparently has few followers judging by this post where he proclaims with great certainty that “there is no reason to believe that the vaccine contributed to” the death of Shane Warne.

So I guess Chris must be an expert on the topic, but you wouldn’t know that by the number of likes (only 5).


  1. One of the state representatives in Colorado just also 'died unexpectedly'. Lots of that going around these day particularly among those who took certain injections.

  2. And don't forget children having strokes, which apparently happens all the time!
    Perfectly normal, dontcha know. In my later years, I've only seen one prenatal stroke.
    Kids did not have strokes. But they do now. These people do believe we are so stupid and forgetful we will not realize this is all bull----.