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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Voyeurs at Church Militant and their Graphic and Salacious "Porn"

Earlier this month I received an email from a regular blog reader about the Church Militant (CM) "porn site." Here's what my contact wrote:

Good day Mary Ann,

 I hope this note finds you well. You’ve probably seen it already but if not, Frank Walker at Canon 212 has a red headline about the latest Christine Niles attack on the SSPX. I quickly glanced at it because I don’t want to be a metric in their favor. Long story short, the allegations in this article are WAY too graphic. I stand by my earlier opinion that CM is a porn site. At some point, I hope the SSPX will sue them.

Take care and have a good day,

I hadn't been to  CM for months except once or twice by mistake when I clicked on a link that took me there. Oops -- good-bye!

But I did go and read the article about the young priest in the SSPX who molested his nine-year-old niece. He's admitted it, so he is, indeed, guilty. It's a shameful and horrifying story and if I were his brother, the child's father, I would be tempted to castrate him personally. No right-minded person would be anything but horrified by his behavior!

What I also found disgusting was CM's very explicit description of what the priest did to the little girl. "Way too graphic" is putting it mildly. And why? Isn't it sufficient to describe what the priest did as engaging in serial molestation over several years and violating the innocence of the child by turning what should be the loving touch of spouses into a horror of abuse? 

But CM revels in graphic detail, especially when they are going after an SSPX or any other traditional priest sinner. You almost get the sense they are salivating over the salacious details. And perhaps they are. Let's think about that for a minute. Michael Voris spent over twenty years living the homosexual lifestyle. Pornography is a staple of that life. I won't urge you to imagine the kind of pornographic materials that homosexuals engage in to satisfy their lust. But could all this detail be an occasion of sin for Michael Voris who has to approve all of Christine Niles' graphic stories? Ah...but he's reformed, converted and is such a paragon of virtue that he plays the "retreat" master every year. In 2023 they're back to the "retreat" at sea where you too can enjoy the luxury of a cruise ship and "retreat" by overeating, drinking, enjoying land excursions, etc. All this and unending blather from Michael. How can you resist?

Really! It's better than satire from the Babylon Bee.

And then there's Simon Rafe who wrote a video game offering players the opportunity to engage in their choice of heterosexual or lesbian lust with, I think, a goddess. Do you trust this man to be an authentic Catholic voice? Why does he get a pass from the protectors of virtue at CM? 

These are the people who preen and posture and pride themselves as being the one and only truly Catholic media group out there as they attack people like John Henry Weston of LifeSiteNews and Michael Matt from The Remnant.

And what is CM's example? Truth mixed with slander, rash judgment and other sins against the eighth commandment, not to mention against purity. If you are a person tempted to lust, then many of CM's articles about abuse are probably an occasion of sin. But, hey, it's just "the news" and we all need to know what's happening in the Church, right? Got any more juicy tidbits, Christine, to satisfy our daily scandal addiction?

St. Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 13 the characteristics of love. "Love is patient, love is rejoices not with iniquity, but rejoices with the truth." CM seems to rejoice when they have the opportunity to report one more scandal, one more evil... in graphic detail. Hey, people click on those stories to get all the gory grit, so give it to them. CM reports and magnifies the details, often mixing truth with presumption. Everyone they attack is presumed guilty by accusation. There is no "love is patient" while waiting for all the facts to come in. CM is judge and jury and rushes to the conclusions they want their audience to adopt.

I originally supported CM. In fact, they interviewed me a number of years ago and published some of my articles. But they took a wrong path along the way and have moved farther and farther along it as time goes on. CM fans should be careful about climbing on their train. It may be going to a place you don't want to visit...even if you arrive via a fancy cruise ship.