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Friday, November 11, 2022

Guest Post: When the Bishop Becomes a Dictator

Traditionis Custodes threw the TLM out of our churches. The new "home" for the stepchildren is a gym or a classroom. "No church for you rigid, pharisaical tradition lovers!

By Fr. Bill Aitcheson

Recently, the Arlington Diocesan bishop warned the twenty-one priests who celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) in his jurisdiction, that their celebrations of the TLM are going to be severely curtailed. Essentially, there will only be eight public locations for the TLM and most of them will not be allowed in a parish church. The TLM will only be celebrated in these eight places and the times of celebration are not to be published in the parish bulletin. The attempted suppression of the TLM is by order of Jorge Bergoglio in conformity with his shameful tome, Traditionis custodes and its interpretation found in the Congregation for Divine Worship's Responsa ad dubia.

How can any Catholic bishop require obedience to a pope who mixes worship of the Pachamama idol with Mass and worships the "wind spirit." St. Paul asked the Corinthians, "What harmony between Christ and Belial?" And "How can the temple of God have any commerce with idols?" (II Cor. 6: 15-16) How can any Catholic bishops require obedience to an indifferentist pope who establishes a place for obsolete worship, with false worship, along with defective worship in Abu Dhabi? Or, in St. Paul's words, "How can a believer throw in his lot with an infidel?" (II Cor. 6:15)

Bergoglio thinks that the traditional Catholics are divisive and so his intention to gradually suppress the TLM, along with the other rites in the Rituali Romanum, to compel rigid conformity to Vatican II and its tainted legacy. I've been thinking about what John XXIII said about the Council, that it was not meant to be a dogmatic council, but a "pastoral" one. Due to the purposefully vague Council documents, the years of liturgical abuses that followed, the years of heretical teaching in religious education classes, etc. who's being divisive?

It seems more like traditional Catholics, inspired by the gift of the Holy Spirit, are the ones who are holding the true Church together. Most of the dissembling is taking place on Bergoglio's side. Considering Jorge Bergoglio's moral failings, his vindictiveness, his cruelty (considering Traditiones custodes  and his refusal to answer the five dubia of the four cardinals in 2016 on Amoris Laetitia), his cavalier attitude toward doctrine, and his apostasy, he should be formally, publicly condemned, not coddled, by his brother bishops.

There is a way our of this morass and it starts with prayer. Pray for the pope and the bishops, that the Holy Spirit will guide them to appreciate the truth which is the legacy of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and to proclaim it in public "without fear or favor." We live in a decadent era in these "last days" and it is also a time for repentance and conversion. Without prayer and metanoia, we cannot hope to triumph over Satan and his kingdom of the damned.


  1. The way out is for bishops to realize there is no obligation for them to obey that instruction. Then they have to realize that Francis is not the pope. All they have to do is read UDG. The election was invalid. And maybe then they will go back and see that Benedict's resignation was invalid, I believe purposely so. In any case, bishops have a false idea of their role and of papal authority.

  2. The bishops require obedience to the pope because Vatican ONE changed the standard for salvation to obedience to the pope. Duh. V ONE is your problem as much as V2. The "Old Catholics" were right to break off right after V1. Sedes are behind.

  3. Anonymous 1:02, I don't see how the doctrine of infallibility when the pope speaks "ex cathedra" morphs into obeying the pope in everything. The other aspect of infallibility involves speaking in union with the magisterium as a whole when they uphold the continuous teaching of Holy Mother Church. That isn't happening much these days. I haven't done enough research on Vatican I to more fully address this, but will at some point. In the meantime, you haven't made a case for your opinion; you've just stated it several times. It's hard to take you seriously. As the saying goes (and I mean no disrespect), "Put up or shut up."

  4. Let us pray for our holy Father, pope Benedict xvi,
    May The Lord preserve him, and give him life and make him blessed upon the the earth.
    1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, & 1 glory be.