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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Will I kiss the cross today?

One of my favorite images from The Passion of the Christ is the scene where Jesus accepts His cross and kisses it. How it shames me! Jesus sees in the cross the salvation of the world -  my salvation! Can I not then recognize the value of my own suffering as cooperation with the sufferings of Christ. Do I “kiss the cross?” I think I will make that question my Advent meditation. Help me to kiss the cross, Lord, instead of grumbling and complaining like the Israelites in the desert. My Jesus, I trust in You.


  1. With the suffering of grieving pain of loss in my heart, I will kiss the Cross today.
    Maybe I’ll kiss the Cross 10x today.
    Hopefully for all eternity.
    Lord, May Your Will Be Done, not mine.
    Thank you MAK.

  2. Mary Ann, how simple and yet how so profound. I hate my cross. I push it away over and over and yell at it. Why this cross for me? I did nothing to deserve this!! I need to work very hard to also apply your suggestion this Advent! Thank you.