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Thursday, November 10, 2022

We All Need a Laugh after the Election. Check Out This Hilarious Article on Beto

Will we see the three-time loser in Louisiana next? New Orleans is a hotbed of perversity. He'd fit right in there. Maybe they'd elect him to the town council or the local school board. He can work to get policies into the classroom to get kids to cut off their genitals in a "let's pretend we can turn ourselves into the other sex" game. Let's pray that the narcissistic loser and pretender's political career is done! And then let's pray for the even more important goal that he repents and embraces the truth before he faces the Just Judge. 

And speaking of Beto and his perverse positions....


  1. Please do NOT wish this fool on Louisiana! We have enough problems. Everyday I beg God to move us. Hubby cannot retire soon enough.

  2. I live in Texas and (at least in North Texas) I didn't see the enthusiasm for Robert Francis O'Rourke that was present in 2018. Neighbors figured out his game (my opinion anyway). Had he won I would have considered moving back to Oklahoma.